Airplane Bathroom Accessibility - White House Call 4/14

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For anyone who is interested in information regarding the DOT’s proposed updates for aircraft bathroom accessibility, there is a White House Zoom tomorrow that will, in part, share information on this. Info below.

I know this is an issue we have started running into as our child gets older, and she is mobile but has motor planning delays. It’s getting difficult to assist her on planes without having to keep the door open, which we’ve then had fantastic assistance from flight attendants to ensure privacy, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

You are invited to a briefing for Americans with disabilities on Thursday, April 14th at 2:00pm ET hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement. The call will feature special guest Day Al-Mohamed, the White House Domestic Policy Council's new Director of Disability Policy.

We will also hear from Administration experts on:
  • recently announced actions to lessen the burden of medical debt on families
  • the Department of Transportation's proposed rule to improve aircraft lavatory accessibility
  • what the President is doing to reduce gun violence
  • and more!
All are welcome! Please share with your email and social media networks.

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