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First of all, my apologies if I make some spelling mistakes. I'm not American (Dutch) but I hope my text is manageable.
I've been reading this on the forum and website for quite some time, and never really posted anything. As our trip gets closer, I hope for some advice from you as experienced Disneyworld experts.
First of all, our planning is already fixed as the parks are already reserved. For your information:
April 24 Animal Kingdom
April 25 DHS
April 26 Epcot
April 27 Magic Kingdom
April 28 DHS
April 29 Magic Kingdom.
The main question now is, how do we get the most out of the day per park since we are not on site.
We are in a house nearby and want to arrange transport with Uber.
We will be using Genie+ and can therefore try to reserve the first Genie+ LL at 07.00.
We also want to try to be present at rope drop, which should also save some time.
How do we best approach each park? The wish is to be able to do every major attraction.

What is your advice in the form of:
Animal kingdom 07:00 reserve genius+.....
Rope drop walk to.....
Next ride ......

We only have 1 day in Epcot as well as Animal kingdom. So some extra attention is paid to this. We don't have to do Remy anymore since we already know it from Paris.
We would like to buy an ILL in the park, but the question is whether this is still useful since resort guests can already do this at 07.00 and we cannot.

Additional questions:
We use T-mobile (also in America), what is the network like in the parks?

rope drop,
To avoid delays I have found the following drop off points with a Uber:
AK: no other address possible to walk from to the park so just a Uber ride to the park.
Epcot: Uber to the Yacht club, then walk to the skyliner and with that to the entrance.
Magic Kingdom: Uber to Bay lake towers, then walk to the park entrance.
DHS: Uber to Disney Miniature Golf, then walk to the park entrance.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Anton

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