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About your remakes Disney...


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Ok, we get it. The original goodness of those films during your Renaissance made you glorious amounts of money and beyond wonderful marketing, but remaking them? We see through the charade. Now I know that imitation is a form of flattery, but copying yourself is like watching the neighborhood bully who once was a proud jockey during his high school years of fortune and glory now at 42 years old coming out of his mom's basement with two boxing gloves with a notion that he is going to come back at the kids who have now grown and moved away and the bully is left there hitting himself.

In other words, stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself!

Get out of your mom's basement, go out and see the world, and come up with some new ideas for gawd's sake!

There. Rant over.


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Yes yes, I know TDC never reads fan threads, but writing this kind of thing in an email to the Disney people will never be read or if read not taken seriously. I just had to get that off my chest.
Disney had a horrible track record for live action films until Pirates of the Caribbean came out in 2003. It was new and fresh and fun and had the spirit of the first Indiana Jones film. Other than that, they were just an animated film studio with failing live action films that were not connected to their overall projects. Then they bought Marvel, then SW, then made live action remakes just as POTC was fading. They still tried to make "new" live action stuff but, again, they failed. John Carter, Lone Ranger, Tomorrowland, etc. So, they stuck with what has been working for them while also connecting everything to their parks and merchandise. It's one big huge conglomeration.

They took a break from the normal remakes in 2018 by making Wrinkle in Time, Nutcracker, Mary Poppins 2 and even Christopher Robbins (not a true remake). They all failed or at least didn't live up to potential.

Disney has a choice. They can keep up the SW and Marvel films (not going to last forever) and their animated stuff (still highly rated) and settle for just those OR they can do what has been working.

Problem is, if the critics ratings of TLK catches up and affects its box office run, then Mulan and TLM will be the last remakes. After Rise of Skywalker, SW WILL struggle. Marvel saw its peak. So what is Disney supposed to do? Adopt a plan they had in the 90's where they had 1 or MAYBE 2 animated features and that is it? Point is, that time is coming. Critics and audiences have not been kind at all to new live action stuff-Disney or otherwise. So there's a huge dilemma with movies after 2020.


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You want them to stop, you better get you and everyone you know to stop going. Aladdin did very well, and Lion King is expected to do so as well (despite the reviews so far).
Like I said, it's a catch 22 situation. If they stop remakes, then they have to replace them with something that will be as lucrative. SW and Marvel won't last forever and they can't ONLY rely on animated films. But to drop from movies making $300, $400, $500, or $600 million and replace them with movies that make $50, $60, or $100 million is a shock to the system. Then stakeholders wonder what is going on and stock takes a massive hit. Not a problem if you have one mega hit per year and then some mediocre hits and that is the standard.. But when you land 3-5 mega hits per year for several years, stockholders will scratch their heads when you they suddenly tumble.

But I think Disney knows that will happen eventually and that streaming is slowly taking over. That is why Iger has made Disney Plus the highest priority next year. That is also one of the biggest reasons they put out SO many films THIS year-so that they can get as much new blockbuster material out just before Disney+ as possible. (that and Iger was going to retire this year when these movies were scheduled but has since changed his mind.)


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I would agree with you but the general population is buying tickets and Disney is making tons of money of of these remakes- why ruin a good thing?
Here's a list of fresh, new, successful material Disney's out out in the past 10 years:
Big Hero 6 (Marvel materials but still)
Wreck it Ralph
Inside Out
Good Dinosaur

They are all animated. I'm going to go out on a limb (not a very long limb) to say that Disney is probably handed hundreds of new storylines/screenplays/scripts a year, or maybe a month. It's up to Disney to finance them. They don't. Not for live action. The execs decide what to greenlight and, while they are willing to greenlight new animated films (from internal writers of their own), they are not so much for live action. That is especially the case after the likes of Tomorrowland, John Carter, Wrinkle in Time, Nutcracker, and others that have failed miserably. It's a shame, but it's where we are. Not sure what will change unless Disney, with all the $$$ they make this year, will be more willing to finance new stuff. But with Disney+, those will probably go streaming. A LOT cheaper and less of a risk.


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I have seen one remake, live action at theatres. Maleficent. I did love it. I will see Lion King, and so hope it isn’t messed up. I loved that movie so much. I did not like Jungle Book, had it’s moments, but blew it, by changing things. Watched it at home, Have no desire to see Mulan, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Dumbo the Maleficent 2, etc. Toy Story 4 was cute, sweet, but they should have left it alone at 3- imo. Have not watched the new Mary Poppins and have no desire to see it. Some things are better left alone. Some things can handle sequels, but learn when to stop with them. The changing of movies for remakes though? No. Stop!
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