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A Very Special Project


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And here we are. My grand return. While I'm still getting my ducks in a row with Enchanted Empire, I'm not that letting that stop me from a different project. This is one that means a lot to me and that I'm actually really nervous sticking my neck out with it. So with that, I present...
When Doctor Who began in 1963, no one expected it to go where it is today. What started as "mild curiosity in a junkyard" led to to origins of an icon of British popular culture and the longest running Science Fiction series of all time. All the way from the early days of exploring the universe with William Hartnell through Tom Baker's iconic 7 year run as the character, and even further along in the revival of the series in 2005 after a 16 year long hiatus on television with Christopher Eccleston's one season run and David Tennant's (possibly even more iconic than Tom Baker's) 4 year run to today with Jodie Whittaker as the first female incarnation as the traveler, the show has consistently shown just how bold and different it can be and just how flexible its format is. In no other series can the main characters go from a goofy traipse around Renaissance Venice to a hard and cold story about dreams and desire as quickly as Doctor Who can. And that's the magic of the show, one that I hope to capture. Onto the project!

I have planned 8 seasons of material featuring four different, new Doctors. Each a new and spectacular take on the character while remaining faithful to the idea that the Doctor is not the sole hero of the universe and ultimately doesn't want to be the only hero. Alongside them, throughout the seasons, 12 new companions join and depart. Some may die, some may leave to do something great, and some may simply depart with the memories that they made. More on both of those later. But how about we take a look at how this goes first?

The Four Parts
Part 1 - A Universe of Adventure and Machinations in Time: The Doctor and Companions take on adventure and experiences unlike any other. All the while, a grand plot is brewing that will interfere with the even mere concept of the universe as we know it.
Part 2 - The Protected Universe and Character Focus: After the epic arc of the previous Doctor, we scale down to a character focus. Development is key. Characters change and evolve through their travels and experiences.
Part 3 - A Universe to Call Home and the Wonders Within: Character and Adventure go hand in hand. The Doctor and Companions, while certainly not as constantly changing and evolving as much as they do in the previous era, still develop and move forward while adventures take on an edge of hard science fiction and experimentation to them.
Part 4 - Wrapping Up Loose Ends: Character and Adventure continue, however there is a feeling of an end to an era, with things being wrapped up and a final thesis to the era being made.

What holds these three very different ideas together? A constant theme of a large and ever expanding universe that everyone can ultimately call their own home and find a home in. That ultimately, almost every being in the galaxy has something to offer and create a greater good for (we'll talk about this too there's interesting things I have planned for this idea).

The show will become a co-production between the BBC and Amazon Studios, with episodes airing on the BBC One in the United Kingdom while airing internationally on Amazon Prime Video.
The show will become a piece of event television, sitting alongside the likes of Game of Thrones and be treated and budgeted as such. Airing will move to Summer (Late June through Early August) with a special on Christmas Day.
Episode orders will be reduced to 8 episodes a year, (7 episodes in a season plus the Christmas Day Special) however episode length will be boosted to 75 to 90 minutes per episode. This will allow for character and world building not usually seen in the revival era while also lightening workloads with a less intensive filming schedule.

Episodes will be written in a loose writer's room. Writers will include newcomers while also including the likes of fan favorite television and expanded universe writers such as Johnny Morris, Matt Fitton, Sarah Dollard, John Dorney, Paul Cornell, Jamie Matheson, Rona Munro, and Marc Platt.

Random Notes:
There will be a Doctor-wide buffer in the numbering of the Doctors.
Doctor casting is strongly fancast and more based on the look I desire than any actual casting
Doctors and other Time Lords will be played by established actors while Companions will be largely played by newcomers.
Adventures will span from wide ranging Sci-Fi epics to small character focused plots.
Episodes will have three vague organizations, much like the original goal of the show.
  • Yesterday/Historical - set in Earth’s past, with or without an alien threat involved
  • Tomorrow/Science - set in the future and/or on an alien planet with or without an alien threat
  • Today/Sideways - set in the present with an alien threat or the future of Earth without an alien threat
Next time: We can't have a show ultimately about character without them, so let's talk characters
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So, we have our basic story. Who's going to populate these stories though?

Main Characters:

The Doctor: What the Doctor is ultimately shown as is a brave soul with fiery passion, but far more flawed than they give the appearance of. The Doctor abhors violence, resorting to it only when necessary. However, the character is flawed. The Doctor has their own prejudices and beliefs that they occasionally believe is the correct way of thinking. This is frequently seen when they come up against members of species that they have fought before that are good. However, despite these flaws, the Doctor is kind, brave, understanding, and has a thoroughly strong sense of justice and a desire to right wrongs.

The Companions: While the Doctor is taking a classic approach, the Companions and their role is going to be changed. Companions are equally billed to the Doctor. They are not just the Doctor's assistants. They are the best friends. The confidants. The only people in the universe who have the Doctor's full trust. To reiterate such a jurassic change, the demographic of the Companion itself is changing. No more will the mid-20s English girl be the rule. Instead we'll see a committed couple in their 30s, humans from the far future, a professional thief, and more. And even when the rule returns, there will be a unique twist of personality that allows them to set themselves apart.

Recurring Characters:

Romana: A former companion of the Doctor's and a fellow Time Lord, originally played by Mary Tamm and later by Lalla Ward in the original series from 1978 through 1981. We first meet them in a male incarnation, a first for the Time Lord now in his 4th incarnation. After not too long though, Romana regenerates back into a female form for her 5th incarnation. Romana is the Doctor if the Doctor were smart. They are just as brave and understanding, but Romana's experiences have led to a Time Lord who is far more serious and less trusting of the universe, to a point of pessimism. However, she is still very much influenced by the Doctor to be good to the universe and save it from those who wish it ill

Jean-Luc Marrien: A companion of Romana's. A bold, excitable, and optimistic Swissman who runs a ski lodge in the alps. Very loyal to Romana and a romantic nonpareil.

The Citizens of Orangora: Orangora will be a recurring location throughout the series. A human colony in the outer reaches of space, it is the location of victories and tragedies with the ultimate message of human achievement. Recurring characters include
  • Magus Rochester: The leader of the colony. A man who is in constant battle with himself, trying to do what is ultimately the best for his people.
  • Rachel Rochester: Magus’ wife. A bold scientist with big ideas.
  • Sidney Morgan: A young inventor and colleague of Rachel’s with a natural curiosity to him.
  • Saoirse Wilds: The mayor of the city in near constant contact with Magus over changes made and more confused than anything over her job.
  • Lee Short: The Scheming and cowardly deputy mayor of the city.
  • Maren Young: A journalist who became the Doctor’s first friend in the city.
  • Ilya Pushkin: An engineer with a long lasting crush on Maren since childhood.
  • The System: An AI designed to assist Magus, that instead made an attempt to take Magus over and run the colony itself.
The Nonhuman Species of Earth
Earth is home to more than just humans. Other intelligent species have lived on the planet as their home for years or centuries. Two in particular make up important parts of the story

Zygons: A species living on Earth as refugees after their planet was destroyed. Are able to use biotechnology to make themselves duplicates of humans. The governments of Earth have safeguarded them for several years with the help of the Doctor.
  • Veronica (Maano): A Zygon community leader. She wishes to keep the peace between the Zygons themselves before having to get human help.
  • Johnathan (Kraal): A Zygon who has "gone native" and sees himself as human
  • Mary: An Earth separatist who uses her human name
  • Broox: A Zygon who wishes to shed his human form and live in his natural state.
Silurians: A species of lizard people who dwell in cave systems. They have long been in hibernation but have recently been awoken. Humans are currently in discussions with them over integration in society and coexistence with Zygons and Humans.
  • Voltra: A well known Silurian leader. Vicious in battle and protective of her people, but desires to live in peace with humanity and share Earth.
  • Molo: Another well known Silurian leader. Wants to wipe out humanity and the Zygons.
  • Parim: A Silurian scientist, used as a martyr for Molo's cause.
  • Mino: Molo's daughter and a mole for Voltra.
UNIT: The UNited Intelligence Taskforce, a worldwide paramilitary organization under the United Nations dedicated to keeping the world safe.
  • Major General Margaret Thompson: American. A no-nonsense woman who takes great pride in her work. Has clearly climbed her way up the ladder and carries herself as such.
  • Lady Penelope Stophos: Greek. UNIT’s United Nations liaison. A direct foil to Margaret but not so different from her as she seems, acting as much of an asset to UNIT as Margaret herself.
  • Brigadier Giovanni Romano: Italian. UNIT’s UK base second in command. Wise beyond his years and every bit as full of life. Has a strong, unrequited love for Lady Penelope.
  • Captain Morgan Sinclair: Kenyan. An older, career soldier who has seen much. Has known the Doctor long before we see them together and greets them as an old friend after realizing who they are.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Richards: English. A posh boy who got the job because of good connections more than any actual military acumen, however he is revealed to be an excellent strategist and a skilled marksman after training and getting his act together. Dating/Married to Arno
  • Dr Arno Richards: French. UNIT’s scientific advisor, neurotic and nervous, who would much rather keep to his lab than go out on the field and must be dragged along kicking and screaming. Dating/Married to Daniel
  • Sergeant David Ryans (Gaaze): A Zygon working with UNIT, presenting as a duplicate of an Englishman. Quick to join in fights without recognizing the threats around him.
  • Scaraami: A Silurian scientist working alongside Arno. One of the biggest Silurian-Human peace activists on Earth.
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Time for the first main cast!

And without further ado: The Main Cast of the 15th Doctor.

The 15th Doctor: Hayley Atwell

A dignified bohemian. Prim, proper, and feminine with a fun streak a mile wide. Constantly changing costumes but stays to a 40s/50s high class woman, with a small eccentric touch in each costume. Sticks to 4 main costumes with small variations.
  1. A red dress with matching sunglasses and a trilby hat. (Present episodes)
  2. Simple black dress with a bowler hat (Tomorrow episodes)
  3. Blue 40s-style pantsuit with hair in curls (Yesterday episodes)
  4. Red and green checked 50s evening wear and a large, very wide brimmed hat with holly on the band (Holiday specials)
PC Marcus Reno - Early 30s. A Police Constable. Whip smart but immature. Grows up over his adventures to become more adult and a dedicated and loving husband to Diana, while still full of life and energy. Sherlock Holmes and Science-Fiction fanboy. Doesn't realize how smart he is. Ultimately desires a quiet life away from everything with a family and a home.

Dr Diana Jones - Early 30s. A pediatrician. Mature and uppity, dragged along by Marcus when they first join the TARDIS. Softens over the course of her adventures to become a kindhearted and loving wife to Marcus. A sort of idiot minder for the Doctor and Marcus in their more excitable moments. Has a strong will and a quick wit, capable of matching the Doctor in banter.
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And we continue on with:

The Main Cast of the 16th Doctor!

The 16th Doctor: Sam Heughan

A very different Doctor from the previous one. Where the 15th Doctor is the explorer and adventuress, the 16th Doctor is the Knight Errant. This is a Doctor who wants to see the universe change, even if he has to do it himself. The loss of Marcus and Diana has taken a toll on him, with him putting on a light facade to ignore it. He is smooth and suave with a strong personality hiding what may be one of the smartest and most physically powerful Doctors, a rare occurrence where brain and brawn are matched in one individual. Evolves from the lighter side being predominant to slowly teasing his darker attributes coming out more and more, the light smooth and suave side more and more becoming the mask he hides behind.
This Doctor is the wild child of the bunch. More active and rambunctious than the average Doctor, who would rather pull out a futuristic motorcycle he keeps in the TARDIS and take it to his desired destination than be shoved into a car and driven around by someone. This really shows in his style, inspired by greasers and youth counter-culture in general. The 16th Doctor wears one primary costume, with variations dependent on the setting of the episode.
A motorcycle jacket and jeans with motorcycle boots. T-shirt underneath the jacket with a solid color, either black or white depending on the episode setting with the color of his jeans matching the shirt, blue with white and black with black.​

Thomas Dominic “Tarrant Highwind” Decartier - A professional “treasure hunter,” better known as a thief. Keeps a long, long arc over the course of several years that sees him change and develop to the man the Doctor feels he can be. French. Late 20s.

Lily Sinclair - A homeless woman from the slums of Orangora. Joins the Doctor as a companion not to travel but to get away from her situation. Mid 20s.

Lorelei Wright - A fortune teller who knows it is fake but has no qualms with it. Desires a better life. Falls in love with the Doctor, who sees her as little more than a pet, despite Lorelei's thoughts. Early-Mid 20s.
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