a thread dedicated to the concrete/brick/pathway work of the parks


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Theres so much work being done on the pathways of all the parks, I thought maybe we could have a thread dedicated to it. I think it often overlooked but is a very big part of the park experience

Project Stardust in DL re-imagined the entrance to tomorrowland, getting rid of the rock and widening the pathways significantly. Also widened many other pathways and bridges around the park.
Toon Town in DL is getting all new brickwork leading under the bridge that leads to the area. (I expect that area to be getting a lot of work in preperations for the new major ride opening in a couple years
Avengers Campus in CA and gave us a new modern and randomized brickwork pattern with lot of backlighting. Really well done

AdventureLand in MK is getting green concrete put in.
TomorrowLand in MK is getting the gears motif removed and getting an all new pathway entrance
The Grand Floridian to MK Walkway has been completed
The new entrance at Epcot is all done with new pathways and fountain, looks great.

Avengers Campus in DSP looks to be getting a different randomized brickwork pattern. Assume will have backlit areas as well.

Anything to add? Or is this thread terrible?
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