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Trip Report A Short Father & Son Visit to the World


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I had to go to Orlando for business. I always stay an extra day or two to get my WDW fix and my DW is fine with it. Our DS had just come home from college after finishing his junior year. He is as big a Disney fan as his dad and was not pleased that I was going to visit WDW without him. He still doesn’t know about the secret mom & dad trip we took last fall.
As I had the hotel room, car and more than enough frequent flyer miles I brought him along. It worked out well as while I was attending to business he visited Universal, Harry Potter and Co. hold no interest for me. I finished my business and we had two days of father son bonding in the world.
We visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and DHS there were lots of people and some long wait times, but we had a great time and there was a lot reminiscing about past trips. My DS is 21 now and it was strange to sit in the Rose and Crown for beers when it seems like it was just yesterday I was giving him a sippy cup of apple juice in the same location.
Other than quick service we ate off site. When dad was paying it was Morton’s and Charley’s steak houses when DS paid it was McDonald’s, but I digress.
It was just a quick visit to whet our appetite for a longer visit. DS is already hinting to mom about a graduation present trip next spring.


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It makes me smile when I read stories like yours. To have the opportunity to spend time bonding with our loved ones and realizing how fast the years go by. I can only imagine how you felt sharing an adult drink with your son! And I bet you felt proud getting invited by him, even if it was just a burger and fries 😄
I'm glad that you had a great time, thanks for sharing!
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