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Trip Report A Not So Splashy, Very Dashy, Somewhat Sleepy and A Little Frisky, Uplyfting Sept 2018 TR

Figment Forever

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We made a stop at the bathrooms. I have no idea who she was calling! Lol


Then Julia and I went off to RnRC. Ross and Hope went off somewhere else, but I forget where.



Ulia picked up a pretzel and we walked over to meet Ross and Hope at the Frozen Show.


Figment Forever

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We walked over to 50’s Prime Time, which was Julia's pick, and gave our name. In a few minutes we were ordering our food!


I couldn’t tell if our waitress was grumpy or playing the part. It was a little strange and a bit awkward. She was nice enough, for example, we told her we were on the dining plan, but we were going to pay for a kid’s meal for Hope. We were missing a couple of kid’s credits since we had a couple of extra meals before Ross arrived. She asked what she wanted and instead of charging us for a kids meal, she just listed her food as extra sides for us. She said that adults are allowed to ask for an extra side and not be charged for it. (This is also what the waitress at Sanaa did.) She also brought her an apple juice and did not add it to our bill. So in that way, she was great she just did it all in a oddly, grumpy way.

Then there was a waitress in the next section over who was over the top in character. She made this one man stand in the corner because he didn’t finish his vegetables and said he couldn’t have dessert! Lol It was hysterical! She was so high energy and preformed for all her tables. We couldn’t help but watch and laugh at the show, but our waitress didn’t seem too amused. She was complaining to us that she was crazy. Again, I didn’t know if this was her “character” or if she was just a little grumpy. Either way, the food was delish and we added to her tip to thank her for Hope’s non–dinner, dinner.

Figment Forever

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We waddled out and Julia HAD to visit her Gertie.


Hope wanted to go back to Toy Story Land one more time, so we headed over, but as we were walking, the Star Wars Stage show was starting and I put my foot down and said I was going to watch it!


Hope was not happy. Neither of my girls inherited my love for that galaxy far, far, away.

Figment Forever

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The show didn’t last too long and soon we were dashing away.


And a final ride through the shooting gallery.


Now when I planned two days in HS, I made everyone promise we would watch Fantasmic one night and the Star Wars fireworks the other. Since we watched Fantasmic a few nights before, I was hoping my family would keep their promise. However both girls wanted to see Fantasmic again. I was sad, but I’d rather the girls be happy. So off we went. We were a little early so we went on one last drop.


Soon we were settled into our seats and waited for the show to start. But no sooner did we settle in, the first clap of thunder echoed through the sky! I knew what this meant… The delayed announcements started. We all huddled and debated what to do. Hope did NOT want to leave, while it did not rain, but the thunder continued. One of the CM’s told us it didn’t look good, so we waited until almost 8:45PM and then we exited with many others. We were about to exit the park, when we realized the Star Wars fireworks did not go off yet. We walked over an asked if they were also going to be delayed, but the CM said no – they were going to start ASAP. Sure enough about 8:55, they began. We had a great view and I really enjoyed them!

As we were exiting, we found out Fantasmic was indeed cancelled for the night. So I’m really glad we made the decision to leave. We began the LONG trek back to the busses and back to POP.


We made sure to wake up Hope so she could say goodnight to the bus. By 10:30, the girls were snoring away.

Ross and I walked to the front desk to pay off our charges with our gift cards. After we took care of our bill, Ross wanted to look in the gift shop so he could investigate the Crocs section. Sure enough, he found them. He studied them. I could see his mind at work. I asked him what he planned to do and he said he wasn’t sure. I asked if he was having second thoughts and he said he just needed to think about it some more. He said, "The time didn’t feel right."

So we returned to our room crashed for the night.

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I still enjoy this show a lot. Maybe because Hope wasn't never a Frozen Fanatic, so the songs are still fun to listen to and sing along. Plus Ross got to take another nap. Although I have to admit, the show is more fun with your Ben in it @blgauger.
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Ross really enjoyed the show huh? Lol


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I really like this restaurant and today did not disappoint.

I had the pork.

View attachment 339409

Julia had the lamb chops.

View attachment 339412

Hope had mac&cheese.

View attachment 339410

Ross had the steak.

View attachment 339408View attachment 339411

Dessert was YUMMY too!

View attachment 339404View attachment 339405View attachment 339406View attachment 339407

I think we all cleaned our plates.

During dinner, Ross asked about the Lyft charges. I admit I tried to conceal my new found transportation, but I forgot that he would see the charges if he checked our credit card statement. He was not too happy. My frugal hubby did not see the point in paying for transport that we got free. It didn’t help that when I downloaded the APP, I forgot to do it through Jet Blue or I would have receive points – something Ross would have seen value in. I argued my “time is money” case, but in the end, we agreed to disagree on the matter. Little did he know I had a couple of more Lyft rides planned for the duration of our stay.
My husband refuses to do Uber or lyft or any ride sharing type thing. I'm not sure why....I think it's a safety thing to him maybe? But there are definitely times it would solve a lot of our issues!

Figment Forever

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My husband refuses to do Uber or lyft or any ride sharing type thing. I'm not sure why....I think it's a safety thing to him maybe? But there are definitely times it would solve a lot of our issues!

Saftey isn't my hubby's concern, just the $$$$. lol The other night we were watching Tv and a Disney Resort commercial came on. As we were watching it says, "Enjoy complimentary transportation to and from the parks." At which point Ross chimed in, "Unless you're like my wife and pays extra for Lyft because she's not happy with the free transportation." lol

Figment Forever

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Day 9 Friday September 14, 2018

Today was our AK day. For those of you who have read my reports know that AK is my least favorite park. Last year, I had hopped the addition of Pandora would change my view, but it did not. Still, I thought maybe with the crowds smaller this year in Pandora, perhaps I would feel differently.

I woke up and threw some laundry in before going to get breakfast.


I knew Julia would oversleep for her Japanese class – and she did. But I just let her sleep. The nice thing about online classes is that if she misses the live class, she can watch the recording at a later time.

After breakfast we all got ready and set out and by 10:30 we were on our way.


As our bus was driving out of the resort, a ME bus came flying right in front of us and completely cut us off! Our driver hit his horn a LONG time to show his displeasure!
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