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Trip Report A Not So Splashy, Very Dashy, Somewhat Sleepy and A Little Frisky, Uplyfting Sept 2018 TR (Completed!)

Once again, it is so hard to believe that our adventure in WDW is over. I don’t understand how time goes so fast when we are there. Even though this was our longest trip ever, it still flew by.

We returned home around midnight on Saturday and I’ve been getting back to reality and catching up on reading other TR’s before beginning my own.

Just in case you may not know us…

Me: Mary/mom


Ross – Dad AKA Grumpy, but was acting more like Sleepy on this trip. (And yes – those Crocs came along with him.)


Julia – DD Sweet 16 this trip


Hope – My 9 year old princess whose diagnoses of Autism usually lends itself to some interesting tidbits for my TR’s.



Trip details:

September 6th – 8th at Art Of Animation (Room only)

September 8th – 22nd Pop Century (MYW Package Free Dining)

Yep- that’s a LONG trip – our longest EVER. Still it managed to fly by in the blink of an eye.

If you’re not familiar with my crazy crew or you need to catch up, feel free to check out my pre trip report here:


All caught up? Are you ready? Okay then, here we go!

Figment Forever

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Original Poster
Wheeee! Looking forward to this!

Welcome aboard!

I'm ready!

Thanks for following along!

Looking forward to this.

Thanks for reading!

Yay!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this report. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip, AND how the Crocs situation turned out.

Thanks for following along with us!

Getting in on this from the start! Can't wait to read about your adventures:happy:.

Welcome! Thanks for reading along!

Figment Forever

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Original Poster
Yes! Can't wait..... and how long will you leave our burning question unanswered?!

LOL You will have to suffer quite a while since it's toward the end of the trip.

Can’t wait to hear about your latest trip!!

I'm so sad it's over, but I have to admit that retelling it takes some of the sadness away.

I’m so excited to see this!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!! BTW—I kept my eyes peeled for you all day at MK on the 19th. So bummed that I didn’t see you—maybe next time!!

I was so bummed - I kept an eye out for you too!

I cannot wait to hear the crocs story!!! Yay yay yay!! Sorry your trip is over but I’m excited that it’s time for a new trip report 😊

I hope we do not disappoint!

Count me in!


Figment Forever

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Original Poster
Here! Not gonna lie....I’m looking forward to the croc story! 🤞🏻

The tale of the Crocs take place later in the report, but opfully it's worth the wait.

Let's go!

Thanks for following along!

Where did September go it seems like your trip has happened so fast!

I know - I can't take it. It's dark, rainy and cold in NY. I want to go back to Florida.

Thanks for following!

I think your title needs more title. Also, is the beard gone for good?

I trimmed it down a bit. (Like Ross' beard.) Actually the beard grows back every winter and stays until the warmer months of spring or summer appear. It keeps dear hubby warm in our chilly NE winter.

Figment Forever

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Looking forward to reading this. I homeschool my 4 kids, and one will be off to college soon as well. She is doing 2 AP courses this year and studying for the PSAT's next month.

Yes - I'm sad that our September trips may have to end. I love the flexibility homeschooling gives us.

Reading along..

Thanks for following!

I loved your last report and am looking forward to this one!
We overlapped at Pop Century just a bit!

Thank you! I wish we would have seen each other at POP!

Figment Forever

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Original Poster
Day 1 Thursday September 6th, 2018 12:00AM

It was a cold and stormy night... No - actually we were still having a heat wave in NY. Ross was leaving for work around midnight, so he woke me as he was leaving. I wanted to lie down for another 15 minutes, but I knew that it would be a mistake, so I got up and showered and got dressed. I made myself a cup of coffee and then woke the girls up. Soon we were ready to go. The only thing left was to change our countdown.


We were out the door by 3:00AM and at the Park & Fly by 4:15. We opted to fly out of White Plains instead of Newark. I love that it’s a small airport and Jet Blue’s fares were much cheaper there. The guys unloaded my car and got everything onto the shuttle van. The one guy asked me, ”Lady, did you leave anything home?” I replied, “Yes – my husband.”

Once we got to the airport, the driver pulled up and unloaded everything on the ground and left. Last time, the guy brought everything into the airport for me – but not this time. I actually had to stop him to give him a tip as he started to drive away. I looked at the luggage and the girls and wondered how we would manage getting everything inside when a airport worker came over with a cart and loaded it all up and took it right over to the counter. We waited for Jet Blue to open.


And yes... we still have a stroller for Hope. So I am one of those people who have a very large child that appears completely normal in a stroller. I actually was thinking about bringing a wheelchair instead. My dad has a collapsible one he said we could borrow and I knew we would get less "looks" from people. But in the end, we knew she would be more comfortable in her stroller so we would just have to shake off the stares. Hopefully one day, my kiddo will not need it.

Soon we were through TSA and waiting to board. My mom had bought Hope an LOL doll which is the craziest toy I ever seen. I thought the Shopkins were bad! But I waited to give it to her until we were there so she would have something to keep her busy on the plane. I also bought her a couple of magazines to read.


Once on the plane, we all settled in. I was tired, but I can never sleep on the plane.


Our flight was good and soon we landed and were on our way…

Figment Forever

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Original Poster
As we walked through the airport, Hope took notice of the construction going on and had to have a picture. Yes, my child loves taking pictures of all things under construction.


Soon, we were at ME and on a bus to AoA!


The girls sat together near a screen. I still don’t like the video so I wasn’t paying much attention. I was however paying attention to this…


While on the bus, I was hoping to get a text about our room, but there was none. I went on to the MDE APP and looked under my plans. Sure enough under our resort info there was a button for “see room number”. When I tapped on it, this displayed.



Figment Forever

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After ME dropped us off, we headed to our room. We began our first journey through the EAC, across the jungle into our sea grotto, past King Triton and to our room. It was quite a walk! Of course, on the way, Hope got so excited when she saw the mermaid section, she started to sprint and fell over her suitcase. It resulted in a scrapped knee and she was a little frazzled.


Luckily exploring the room took her attention away from it.


After admiring our lovely room, we headed out to get something to eat. Back through our grotto, across the jungle and past the EAC into Animation Hall.

We were all starving and Hope was a bit grumpy. She said she didn’t want to eat, but once her French toast was in front of her and she consumed the entire plate! Julia and I both got waffles and also cleaned our plates.

Last edited:

Figment Forever

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Original Poster
So looking forward to your report! I thought of you all often over the last couple of weeks- glad you had a good time!

It was an amazing trip. Thanks so much for following along with us!

I'm a little late but I'm definitely along for the adventure!

Not late at all - thanks for joining in!

Can't wait to hear all about it, so glad I got in at the beginning!

Thanks so much for reading!

Wait? 16 nights? Wow........ Love it!

Yep - you would think I could say I was ready to come home. But wow, it still flew by!!

Yay! I’m so excited. Your family always has such lovely adventures.

Thanks so much!

AHHHH!!! Can't believe you've already been and returned. Glad you didn't have to deal with a hurricane this time around :happy: Can't wait to read all about the trip.

I know. It's hard to believe it's over! So much planning and waiting and then... Bam - it's over. Thanks for following along!


Well-Known Member
I wish I could talk my husband into a long Disney trip. He thinks five days is a long time! :( Also, the Little Mermaid rooms look so cute! I don't think I've seen any pictures of them before!


Well-Known Member
Yes! I was waiting for this :) Can't wait to hear all about your trip.
The girls look so pretty & grown up!

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