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A Nice Villa - Close To the Parks...

andrew shilley

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Original Poster
We’ve always stayed in hotel (suite) accommodation in previous visits, the last being Easter 2015. The family have now grown up and are all over the age of 18. We’re planning are return to Orlando next year as an adult group of eight. Mum/Dad our three grownup children and partners. In view of needing four rooms, I am guessing hotel accommodation will be too expensive, so we’re considering a 4/5 bed villa (with pool/deck/jacuzzi etc). We don’t however want to be driving 20-30 mins in traffic from outside areas and would like to be fairly close to the parks & attractions. We’ve stayed in Lake Beauna Vista south, and last time on Palm Parkway, both great locations. Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions on villas & locations? Thanks in advance for your responses:)
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