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A new friend of Duffy is coming


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And she will make her debut at Hong Kong Disneyland in the coming weeks. The park is dropping clues in advance and has already put paw prints on the Main Street sidewalk.


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Maybe duffy's kid? Makes sense to me. Then they can sell teeny duffies lol.


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I literally cannot wait to go to Hong Kong and buy every piece of Cookie Ann merchandise released
Hey, when you have a money maker, you have a money maker. Citizens in China and Japan eat it up. Then again I can't imagine they would buy up the new retro EPCOT line like us Americans would 😂😂


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Duffy was out of control in Japan... I don't understand it. I don't have to.. to each there own.


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Aulani just teased a new character on Twitter. Looks like it could be a turtle? They’re trying real hard to make Duffy the Disney Sanrio.
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