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A look back at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights


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I saw the lights twice. Once in the mid 90's when I was in college and my sister was young. Again one of the last days it was at DHS. I definitely appreciated them more the second time. My mom really wanted to go and remember the time in the 90's. I didn't remember it, but it was important to her. She was having trouble walking, so rented a wheelchair, which made navigating the lights on a crowded night difficult. She had one more day in the parks in 2016 before needing some major surgery that has limited her travel

Things come and go with the parks. These made way for TSL & SWGE. DHS as a whole will be a different park in 3 years than it is today. My dad is a huge SW fan and it will be awesome to see a non-WDW-lover in awe like a kid.


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I can remember pushing my kids through the crowd in strollers, and I now have two in college. The Osbourne Family lights was ALWAYS a must-do for our family. I can remember getting the kids a popcorn at one of the curbside vendors, and then I'd get my ice cold beer from the vendor stand. Then we'd sneak up the sidewalk enjoying the wonders of the display. It was neat seeing how the display evolved and grew over the years. The first time we saw it was in 1997. It went from just a bunch of colorful lights to moving displays with synchronized music. I remember when you would get the 3D glasses to watch the dancing angels. It was an iconic celebration that was shut down to make room for the future of Hollywood Studios.

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