A good tip for flights to WDW


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Hi all,

My name is Leo and I live in Mexico City, Mexico since 2006. One of my biggest problems planning our trips to Orlando is the flight fares, but lastly i found a very good service on internet. I don't know if there's another similar services but i'll share my own method.
The page is called KAYAK.com. The only thing that you've to do is to register (it's free) and set in your account, your route (in my case, MEX-MCO), the month of the year that you're planning to go and the max amount per ticket. The service lets you know by email when finds deals under the amount that you've previusly set.
Don't know if anyone is using something similar, but it's really useful for me... for example, i found my tickets for October 2014 for 300 USD each and believe me, from Mexico straight to Orlando, thats really cheap.




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Sounds good, thanks. I have used Expedia but always seem to end up on Southwest packed in like a sardine! But they are priced fairly and on time :)
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