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A Disney Park in Panama?

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My friend's parents are in Panama on vacation, and they heard that they're building a Disney park in Panama. I did some research and I found this article. From what my friend's parents said, they said a few days ago Disney confirmed the rumors.


By Rodrigo Campos, Associated Press Writer Ciudad de Panama

Panama officials confirmed today that the government of Panama has issued The Walt Disney Company the required permits to begin construction on a $658 million theme park near the Pacific Coast. The first phase of the project, which will be named Disneylandia, is set to be completed in November 2012 and will include a theme park, hotels, airport, and production studio. Located on the Pan-American Highway near the entrance to the resort town of Coronado, the 350 acre park is expected to significantly increase the number of tourists entering the Central American country annually. Disney officials cited many reasons for choosing Panama as the new location of Disney, including a dollarized economy, strong democratic government, and the need to give Latin American residents who find it difficult to get an American Visa the opportunity to visit the home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Disney purchased the land in 2001, and plans to purchase more land in the future for expansion. (more)

As part of a deal struck with Panamanian officials to bring the theme park to the tiny country, the names of nearby coastal areas will be changed to reflect Disney inspired themes. This has drawn the ire of local residents, who claim that the government never met with them to discuss the changes.

"The government has sold out our beautiful community without telling us anything," says Ernesto Arosemena of Gorgona, which will soon be named Agrabah, after the Arabian town in Aladdin. The area at the entrance to Gorgona is slated to become a satellite parking lot, and officials plan to build a train from there to the main entrance of the park.

Disney officials are assuring locals that they will hardly notice the construction, officially set to break ground on December 28th. Although the park plans to have construction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they tell residents that they should only expect traffic delays Mondays through Saturdays. For more information, please visit http://tinyurl.com/2ht3po .


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Note the article was posted on April 1...
The followup story: http://www.panama-guide.com/article.php/20090406095712277

By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com - My friend Jerin Tate wrote and sent via email a gag article on April 1st, intended as an April Fool's day joke, talking about how Disney was going to come to Panama and spend millions of dollars to build a huge park here (here's a link to the original article that ran on April 1st.) Jerin sent me his article via email, and I ran it (as a gag) and included the link at the end of the article which instead of giving you "more information" actually took you to the page on Wikipedia about the history and tradition of April Fool's. Jerin was slick enough in his crafting of this gag article to use a tinyurl.com re-write of the link to the information on Wikipedia, because the actual link to that page is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fools'_Day, and if that had been included in the article, even the dumbest rock in the box would have figured it out. Many people bought this gag hook, line, and sinker, and I was still getting phone calls and emails several days later. It was both funny and effective particularly because this rumor about Disney coming to Panama has been running around for literally decades. Then over the weekend El Siglo ran a full-paged article about "Disnelandia" coming to Panama, which appeared in their newspaper yesterday, Sunday 5 April 2009, on page 22. The truly hilarious part of all this is that they quoted Jerin's bogus "article" basically word for word, and even included the "facts" about how much money was going to be spent, etc., as well as quoting the bogus "government sources." I guess they never got around to clicking the link at the end of the article. Oh well, live and learn (gotcha - wink). So much for checking your sources, eh? Anyway, happy April Fool's day everyone, even if it's a few days late. As usual, comments are welcomed.


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I forgot about the whole "date thing." :D But I'm still wondering about what my friend's parents said. I really don't know how they got the info. regarding a possible park.
Being said before, saying it now. This is a joke from April's fools. It was posted maybe two or three years ago and the rumor/spam email was sent to a lot of people in the national news from the country. I even got one from last year with almost the same info said on these posted here. Its not true by any means. Its a shame, it would re-direct lots of nearby people to Panama economy but I don't see any horizon anytime soon.


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Darn!...I got so excited when I first clicked into this.

My first thought when I saw the title of the thread was "Fantastic, finally a solution to the Brazillian tour groups"

But alas, it's a joke...
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