A Disney Cruise for Somebody who HATES cruises?

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A few months ago we sailed on the Norwegian Dawn, I could write a novel about all the reasons I hated it but people keep telling me Disney Cruises are much better is that true?


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We adored our Disney Cruise experience. We cruised on the Fantasy. The meal rotations were delicious. Each restaurant had a different style. I was very impressed with the food offerings considering we were on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The logistics of it all fascinate me. As for rude people, well, I can't guarantee you won't run in to that issue. But overall, I do believe that the Disney cruise experience is miles away from more traditional cruises.


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I've only ever cruised with DCL. I have had fun on all of them. Some food offerings didn't suit my palate, but I am sure that goes for everyone. Overall, the staff was great, food was good, and the ship is clean and well kept. I am curious to know what it would be like to sail on RCI or say Norwegian, but we really enjoy DCL despite the price.


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The way the staff were treated, tiny pool filled with drunk people, no rules, redundant food

DCL crew members are, for the most part, very nice. Typically the only ones we've encountered who weren't super magical were only non-tipped roles.

They have small pools, but they won't be filled with drunks. Alcohol isn't free on Disney ships, so that limits intake quite a bit. Also, the guests enjoying adult beverages tend to stay in the adult areas of the ship.

There's no redundancy on a Disney ship, when it comes to food. You get a different dinner each night, and they even change up the food on the buffet each day.


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DCL is a very different experience, as others have explained. Try one of the shorter 3 or 4 night cruises to get a feel for DCL. You may discover that you like cruising with the right line. Of course, cruising is not for everyone; you may find that you really do not like cruises in general. Give DCL a try, though, before making up your mind about cruising.


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I'll agree with just about everything everyone is posting, except about the pool. Maybe I'm crazy but, to me the main pool on the dream anyway is small.


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I have never been on a NCL cruise. but have been on Celebrity and DLC

The way the staff were treated

Do you mean they way they treated YOU, or the way the staff was treated by their bosses? Staff on the DCL ships seem to be treated well. Working on a cruise ship is never easy, they get cramped, shared quarters, and work long shifts, but that is par for the course.

Now as far as how they treat you. DLC staff is "old school" Disney service. How the the parks used to be. excellent, friendly, staff people (On Celebrity I only met one staff member who I though had a bad attitude,. the rest there were good as well)

, tiny pool

No ship that I know of has a large pool. They are all tiny. You best bet is to find the adults only pool.

filled with drunk people

You may find some drunk people on DCL, but not likely. DCL does not offer an "all you can drink" package, and their drinks are no cheap. Plus many people are there with their kids, so they want to stay in controll so they can keep an eye on them.


There are rules, and they are enforced. Its a balance between enforcing the rules and keeping guests happy. Disney does it well.

redundant food

I have done 3, 4 and 7 night cruises with DCL - the buffets will have a lot of the same stuff day to day, but the main dining rooms will have different offereing for lunch and dinner. Breakfast rarely changes.

DCL is a very nice experience, but I have to say, having cruised both Celebrity and DLC, while I do think some aspects of DCL are better, overall Celebrity is a much better value, with nothing at all to complain about.


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