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Trip Report A Day (or 4) at the Races

Good morning from the World! It’s a big foggy here at the Boardwalk this morning

Just a couple minutes before the Deli has our breakfast ready so I figured I’d get this thing started!


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The girls finished Space right as I wrapped up my tour on the Peoplemover so we crossed the park together to hit Jungle Cruise at 9am, normal park opening.

But the line was already showing 50 minutes and Big Thunder (our plan B) had the line across the bridge so we bailed on that as well. To the Haunted Mansion!

It was also showing 40 minutes, but not took 10. And we had a good pause for some pictures.



And Big Thunder is now showing 35 minutes so we are going for it.


Marching along...
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Evidently it was a morning for transportation as we decided to head to Poly to grab a quick lunch.

Not real happy about this construction. We were definitely Luau fans.

Did the ultimate mobile order plan. Got the last breakfast window (10:30-11) window for Tonga Toast and breakfast potatoes and the first lunch (11-11:30) for pulled pork nachos.



Oh, and there’s a 50th Dole Whip cupcake in there, too.

Time to head to the Expo and get our bibs and some race swag.

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