90 Day Fiancé

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Does anyone else want to admit to watching this dumpster fire? Please say, "yes."

I only started watching sporadically back in August. At first, I scoffed at it, thinking "Who watches this trash?" Then, I got sucked into the drama and the sheer dysfunction of some of the couples. I guess I am interested in this show because my husband and I met online and flew back and forth across the Atlantic for a while, but I am pretty sure we did not act like any of the couples on this show. 😛

But seriously, why would you get involved with a man who catfished you and revealed himself as a catfish?
Why would you think paying $100,000+ to "chat" with a woman who promises to meet you, but never does is normal?
Why would you be shocked that your husband likes to spend all day getting loaded, when that is what he did before you got wifed up?

I really dislike some of the people on this show, here is a list:

Big Ed
Colt and his mommy-wife

So if anyone other than myself watches this, let me know. 🥴


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David and Lana, such a cute couple!
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