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8 parks in WDW in 1998-1999, 6 parks in WDW in 2015


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So in 1998-1999 after Animal Kingdom opened and before Discovery Island closed in 1999 and River Country closed in 2001 there were 8 parks open. Any thoughts on whether 1998-1999 was a better experience due to more open parks?


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In my opinion, those "two parks" as you call them had nothing to do with making WDW a better experience in 1998-1999. A different experience for those who used them, but I don't think better. The crowds in the off-season were lighter and the overall quality of the parks, food, attractions were, again, in my opinion better. Also keep in mind that today's parks are 15 years older and been used by millions and millions more guests.

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Most of what was on offer at discovery island is now at Animal Kingdom. You can still ride a boat between MK and Fort Wilderness. So I don't think anything has been lost with the closure.
I never went to River Country, but from what I understand it would never have coped with the crowd levels today. At best it would now have been a pool attached to Fort Wilderness and/or Wilderness Lodge. With no pool hopping permitted.


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It's a big disingenuous to count either as a 'Park', certainly not in the manner of the 4 main parks.

So by itself, WDW is not worse just because they have closed.

Most people would probably agree that things were better back then, maintenance standards were reportedly higher; attractions were 15 years younger, crowds were lower, FP+ has not been dream of etc.

Also since the opening of AK, there's haven't been that many new attractions built.
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