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6 Person Group Mama Melrose or 50s Prime Time?

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Going in spring and this will be our first meal of the night, ages of diners go from 2 kids under 10 to 2 grandparents with parents in between. I have eaten at both but it has been years. Is one more comfortable if seating 6? Anyone eaten at either recently have an opinion they could share? Thanks!


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With a group going from kids to grandparents, I'd personally take 50's Prime Time cafe for the fun factor. You have a decent sized family for a place centered around family nostalgia. I can see the cast members already picking on the Grandparents in your group. If your grandparents play along, they can give the cast members Aunt and Uncles the business as THEY are the elders at the table now.

Heck I'd love to just sit and watch your family have dinner there for the entertainment!


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Well you have to just get her into the spirit of the place. She can tell off the cast member serving you for their hair style or anything. Play up being the 50's grandparent.


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I can't speak for 50's Prime Time having never been, but I did recently have dinner at Mama Melrose with two children under ten, two grandparents, and two parents in between, and we had a relaxing enjoyable meal. No complaints on the comfort or any lack thereof.


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Weve enjoyed both dining spots. Either will accommodate the seating of 6 guests. The meals at both are enjoyable. 50s is decor like sitting in your kitchen at home.

The biggest difference is the atmosphere you would prefer. Both have great menu selections. 50s would have more comfort type foods, with servers who will provide humor, back and forth banter with the guests.
If you just desire to be seated and have a typical restaurant meal with normal service go with Mamas.


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50s Prime Time! Love the food, Love the atmosphere, Love the cast members!!


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Last time we went to Mama Melrose as a party of 6, we waited well past our ADR time (like 45 min) because they said it takes longer for them to be able to seat a "larger" party. I don't have any great food loves or hates at MM or 50s, so I'd be inclined to go for the atmosphere and pick 50s.
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