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6 hours until I leave for the world!

disney princess

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SOOOOO excited! I've been every year since I was born but I've never been to MNSSHP!! First timer! We are staying in a cabin at Fort Wilderness! Too excited!
I'm excited too, we leave on early Thurs. morning, sitting here at work, so anxious and just wishing that clock would hurry up and it be Thurs am already. I love love love the MNSSHP too. Isn't it the best!!!!!!!!!!!
What days are you going to the party? :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::wave::wave:


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We leave in 3 days. I can't wait either. My husband thinks I'm nuts because I packed most of our clothes already. I still need to wash up a few things on Thur and finish packing. As soon as the kids come home on Friday we are loading them up and heading out. We aren't doing the party this year unless we decide when we get there. I'd love to but it's a lot of money.


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That is so exciting. To all of you who are heading down to the World soon, have a wonderful time. And to the OP, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE MNSSHP. We went for our first time two 1/2 weeks ago and it was amazing. I miss it already.:(

Big Cheese

Just got back yesterday from a 10 day trip. Prepare for crowds. All the CM I talked to said they can't remember a usually slow season be as busy as this one.
Didn't have any waits over 60 minutes though.
Seen some stunning costumes heading to MNSSHP.

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