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50th Anniversary Walt Disney World-who's going?


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I'm going, I'm going!! (jumping up and down like a large child). lol unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the minions (my kids) are now young adults looking for real jobs so not sure if they will be able to make it....

Aaaah, the joys of empty nesting. I may rope some girlfriends into going.

It's a little weird though trying to think about it, it's still technically 3 years away. knowing Disney though it will be a 3 year love fest
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I'll definitely be there at some point in 2021 but probably won't go again on October 1st. I just have horrible luck with traveling during hurricane season LOL.
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hey Pam

I will be there on October 1st for sure...I was there the day Walt Disney World opened ( within the first 500 guest ) so it is only fitting that I be there to start the next 50..Am sure Anita ans I will be booking through you once again...You are the best !!
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Sith Lord
I'm seriously debating this.
Go in 2020, which seems to be on schedule for our family (every other year), or push it off for 2021.

Pros of 2020: Star wars and Toy Story full opened, sooner then 3 years away.
Cons of 2020: Star wars and Toy Story will still be very popular, no doubt. Just look at the consistent 140 minute wait time for FOP.

Pros of 2021: Theming, special celebrations, etc.
Cons of 2021: Will be more expensive (because disney jacks up the price every year), crowds will be crushing for the entire year as everyone will want to get in on the celebration.
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