Pre-Trip 50% of a Cruise trip Report.

Howdy Folks.
It's getting close to that time again for another cruise so I thought I would get things started with all the info.
We are back off to Norway again.
The Who,
Myself and the ever lovely Mrs Barkley.

And our regular cruise extras, My parents.

Onboard the ,

King Racoon 77

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We have excursions booked for the two new ports and none for the retuning ones.
In NordFjordeid we have a trip to a glacier with a short lake cruise.
In Eidfjord we are doing a coach tour with a stop at the harbinger Nature park centre.

My parents are doing the Eidfjord one with us but are doing two different ones.
A visit to a red deer farm and a city tour in Alesund with a sea park centre visit.

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