5 person rooms cheaper than 4 at CBR


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Is there something wrong with the 5 person ("5th sleeper") rooms at CBR that explains why they are cheaper than a normal 4 person room or is this just a quirk in the room rates?

We don't need the 5th sleeper, so feels sort of ridiculous to book it, but since it's cheaper...


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Is it because the discount is only applying to the 5th sleeper rooms? From what I’ve seen the only 4 sleeper rooms that are usually more expensive are the preferred ones. But sometimes the discounts are only being offered on the 5th sleeper rooms.

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All things being equal, standard 4 and 5 person room should be the same price. The price will be different if one is standard while the other is preferred or a water view.

But it is Disney. Some room types will be on a promotion while others will not along with a myriad of other reasons why the price could vary. Book the cheapest room.

On the bonus side, the 5 person rooms are great when you have 2 kids as they won't have to share a bed.

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