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5 legged goat


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I just noticed this when I was at the contemporary last week,

When you board the monorail look at the wall with the paintings on it, you will see various goats, but if you look to the far right of the wall you will see a 5 leg goat:animwink:

I think thats prety unusual:slurp:


It's HarmonioUS, NOT HarmoniYOU.
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Ack! 5 legged mutant clone goat :eek: (maybe its a hint / clue that WDW breeds them and are marketed as "Turkey Legs" :lol: ;)


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Granted it's been almost 10 years since I've worked there, but in my traditions training I think I remember that the 5 legged goat represents luck and prosperity for the future. I can't remember what cultural origin the 5 legged goat comes from. Then again, the person heading traditions training in my CP program could have been making it up too.


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From the genetical engineering lab located in South Park, CO:

"Five legged goats are more practical and lucrative than five assed monkeys and other animals. We can now harvest five legs to sell as Turkey Legs at theme parks"

:lol: :lol: :lol:


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Originally posted by Lil'mermaid
I've never noticed that.... and I spent alot of time staring at that wall...:hammer:

After Umpteen times staying at the Contemporary I finally noticed this during my trip in 2002. Its facing the Monorail side

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