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4 Year Old and Not Taking a Stroller???


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This is why I don't mind the stroller at all. Even if the kids want to walk some of the time, the amount of stuff you can put on/in it is definitely worth it. Especially how much stuff we accumulate in the parks when grandma and grandpa are buying the kids basically whatever they look at.. :banghead:

My youngest is 2, so we've got a while before we can think about not taking it anyway.

We used a stroller when our kids were really little and it was handy at that time. But after the kids got older and we cut back, we figured out that we can easily go our whole trip without taking anything into the parks with us that does not fit in our pocket(phone, small baggie of pain med, lip balm). After 22 years of going, we have never had an issue that we needed anything bad enough to justify being a pack mule. If you need a bandaid, first aid has them for free.

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My kids all went for the first time when they were 5. No strollers. In fact, when each turned 3 or so, they refused to get in one.

What I discovered is that if they are tired, it's a good idea for you to stop. It's not your first trip, so you don't (or shouldn't) feel the pressure to "do it all." I absolutely agree with a long after lunch break. Naps, swimming, quiet time--whatever. I also heartily recommend playground time--in the parks and in your resort. 20 minutes of unfettered unstructured time will buy you a lot more patient standing in line later in the day.

And be cautious at Epcot. My 5 year old decided he was too tired to go on when we were at the American Adventure. As you can see from the map, it is the furthest point from the exit. Rookie mistake for sure.


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And be cautious at Epcot. My 5 year old decided he was too tired to go on when we were at the American Adventure. As you can see from the map, it is the furthest point from the exit. Rookie mistake for sure.

I wouldn't call it a mistake. Thanks to its ungainly layout and the positioning of the headliner attractions at extreme ends, there is literally no way to tour Epcot efficiently. By the time we get to the USA Pavilion, having criss-crossed Future World a time or two, traversed in and out of multiple pavilions and hiked halfway around a lake, I'm usually ready for a snack, a nap (and failing those, a good cry) myself. ;)
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I'd get one, only because your trip is Labor Day. The parks will likely be very busy, so you should expect longer than usual lines and crowds. You don't want your little one to get too tired and then have to cut out early. Plus, September will be hot, so that'll add to their fatigue. If it was a January trip (for example), I'd say chance it, but for your trip, I'd have one.

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If you can bring it without paying baggage fees (not sure how you're traveling), I would definitely bring it. If you try it without the stroller and tap out, you don't want Disney stroller sticker shock to be part of the process... just a recipe for grumpiness IMO.


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I think it depends on your kid. With my oldest, I never would have dreamed of her not having a stroller at that age. Even at 7.5 she will probably need a stroller for portions of the day since we’re going for a full week in the summer heat.

My youngest...we could probably get away without a stroller. Really the only reason we’re doing a stroller on our upcoming trip is because we’ll be with a large group and I don’t want him to wear out trying to keep up with our family (my sister and her kids tend to be commando touring people...)

It sounds like you’d probably be okay on a 3 day trip as long as youndont push him too hard and take it slow.


I think it's crazy cause we take a umbrella stroller and our kids are big.... but for the backpack full of Gatorade and lunchables
McClaren umbrella stroller not the cheap ones that dont steer


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My wife and I always check our fitness apps after a day at the theme parks. Generally the day's walking ranges from 6-12 miles, with the average probably around 8. Add to that the fact that much of non-walking part of the day is still standing in lines or on our feet for shows. That is a lot to ask of a very young child. We are still in the stroller mode with a 5 and 10 year old. The 10 year old walks, but we are pushing her hard on the big mile days. As others have mentioned, the stroller is great for rain gear, snacks, water, and other misc stuff you are hauling. For the record, I always get the Summit X3 single. It is a little larger/heavier, but if the 10 year old goes down hard with exhaustion, it has the capacity for her to ride in it for a bit while we carry the 5 year old. It is bit more unwieldy on buses, but you spend a relatively short amount of time on buses compared to the time pushing the stroller in the parks...we go for the best stroller we can get.
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