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4 Rivers Food Truck coming to Disney Springs Marketplace


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Food trucks are hugely popular in my next of the woods, with alot of restaurants having them somewhere in the city not to mention independent mom and pops. I'll try it


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I’ve had 4 rivers regular barbecue and it’s good. They have one in Jax. I was in the area and was foing to get takeout for lunch. Line was 30 minutes for takeout.


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tacky and a bit unclean, how is this suppose to fit into Disney springs thematically?
Disney Springs replicates the gentrification of many downtowns which has a side-effect of pushing out smaller local business owners, so a shiny new food truck coming in there fits right in! :)

Jambo Joe

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This is just one too many levels of artificiality for me - and I like the Springs. The food trucks are really just an affectation at Disney Springs. I am sure the food is fine but the re-creation of this feature from an actual city is just too cute for me.

And another thing - can anyone else not sit through the in-room Disney Springs video for the same reason. It’s a completely inorganic place attempting to establish a sense of place. The slow motion families gazing around in wonder. The carefully selected friend groups having fun - and always with one guy wearing a porkpie hat - you know - because he is a character.

Sorry I must have gone off my meds today.🙂
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