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Trip Report 4 day Trip / A Few Firsts


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I can't wait! this is my first trip report i am going to try to update during the day! Let's see how this goes!

My Mom (Karen), My Daughter 9 months (Felicity) and me (holly)

Beach Club

• Flower & Garden (for me - my mom went last year)
• Staying @ BC
• Going without my Husband (wishing he was coming with us!)

Day 1 (Arrival Day)

Day 2
MK / BC Resort Time

Day 3

Day 4 (Departing Day)

Looking Forward to…
• Flower & Garden! I can’t wait to explore!
• Taking my daughter on rides! (We went to Disney when she was 2 months old so we didn’t take her on anything! She is 9 months now and is so curious to the world around her!)

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Sounds amazing! Can't wait to read all about it!


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I totally thought I would be able to recap at the end of nights but between the travel day, the parks and having a 9 month old - I was so TIRED.

We got back home last night around 9pm.

Let’s go back to arrival Day 1 @ Epcot…
Our flight was an early flight and touched down in Orlando a little before 9am on Friday. Good flight down although challenging with a stroller and bags and diaper bags and baby. She’s a great traveller on the plane so we are lucky.

Took the Magical Express - we did have to wait quite a bit for it. My mom gets impatient waiting for the Magical Express which can make it feel longer haha

Once we got to Beach Club we stored our bags and hit Epcot right away. We had a fastness for FEA at 1 and Akershus for lunch at 1:55 (first time).

LOVED Akershus! Thought the food was good and loved the princesses! I would totally dine there again for Lunch or Dinner. I heard that the breakfast is only buffet. I liked that the appetizer was the only buffet element. My daughter loved meeting the princesses! It was really cute. I was delighted to see her face light up!
Interesting side note - we had a woman sitting at the table to the right of us alone (I know people do solo dis trips but this woman was not a happy camper). She was complaining to the CMs about the way they took her photo with each princess. It was quite interesting to witness. She was visually upset and acting like a child. I felt really bad for the CMs. And we kept running into her later in the day doing the same thing to a photo pass CM. Telling them how she wanted her photo to be taken.

We headed back to the hotel around 4ish because our room wasn’t ready when we arrived in the morning and we changed our outfits refreshed from the plane. Our room was ready earlier but we were on FEA at the time.

After the refresh we hit up photo passes for photos and wandered about Epcot. Got a few glasses of wine and called it a day! We wound up not being hungry after the big lunch and had a small snack at the hotel.
We never got our FEA ride photo. Pretty bummed about that.

Next up Day 2 @ Magic Kingdom


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Akershus breakfast is family style in addition to the buffet. They bring you the breakfast items (eggs, potatoes, etc) to the table as all you can eat. Plus, whatever they have on the cold buffet.
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