3rd hotel for the Shanghai Disneyland Resort coming


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A third hotel may be coming to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort, next to the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, at the plot in the green rectangle:



7-15 08:14 from Weibo weibo.com​

The third hotel is finally here
- the Shanghai International Theme Park Auxiliary Facilities Co., Ltd.'s Triangle project launched its bidding last month.

The specific construction location does not seem to be the D6 reserved land on the east side of the park gate as previously expected, but the D3 land on the east side of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel (H1) (Figure 2), both of which also belong to the reserved area of the first phase ( For the plot number, please refer to my previous article →SHDR’s planning in previous years (Small Observation )

is 16 months for design and 35 months for construction. There may be some overlap between these two time periods.

The construction area is 48,000 square meters. As a reference, the construction area of the H1 hotel in the resort is 41,880 square meters, and the construction area of the H2 hotel is 44,537 square meters, which are quite considerable.

From the Weibo post:

Shanghai 3rd hotel plot.jpeg
Tender for third hotel Shanghai.jpeg


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I hope whatever they build there is more impressive and exciting than the low-slung Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. I mean, what's with that latticework on the roof above the main entrance?


I hope the third hotel can be as impressive as the Universal Studios Grand Hotel and the Nuo, both at Universal's Beijing resort.



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These renderings look good
But another princess-themed/ fantasyland-themed hotel?!
Don't they think this will be too much of an overlapping with the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel?
IMO would be a great idea to build the Palm Hotel from Zootopia instead


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looks very similar to the existing hotel. I’d really like to see something new what about a European chateaux hotel or a tudor manor for a fairy princess hotel?
Yes, are they really planning to build another art nouveau-inspired hotel next to the other one? I don't personally like Disney's attempts at the style, but either way you'd think they'd come up with a new concept for their third hotel.


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Are hotel rooms really needed in Shanghai, I was under the impression that Shanghai had the lowest volume of guests choosing to stay on site, far lower than even HK which somehow manages to come close to filling all three of its mammoth hotels quite often

I guess it counts as future proofing the resort considering it’s supposed to be a three gate resort but the current structure of Shanghai doesn’t seem very predisposed towards it

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