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3 bedrooms ?


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Hi , I’m planning a trip with family of 9 ,wondering what bedroom we should try to get. I have enough points for bay lake , boardwalk, animal kingdom . Just looking for your expert advice . Thank you !!


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Treehouse villa at SSR or Grand Villa.


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Consider a 2-bed and a studio. That would open up other resorts, although depending on when you want to go, a GV may be easier. And OKW GVs are huge and cheaper too.

Look at the sleeping arrangements of your group, which is another reason to consider splitting.

As for where to stay, what’s the make up of your group? Wher are you likely to spend most of your time? How much resort time are you planning? AKL is streets ahead of any other resort for activities during the day.


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Thank you for your help, does nyone know if the 2 story 3. bedroom at boardwalk is a real thing
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