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3 adults and one teenager - advice on where to stay

Jess G

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Original Poster
It's all of the sudden become normal to have 2(+) trips booked at once lol.

So it will be ... Myself, my boyfriend, my little sister, and my mother.

Celebration: My little sisters sweet 16, my 25th birthday and my boyfriends 34th !

I'm currently debating between Lion king suite, old key west studio, or POR

Any input or suggestions?


Love a little Disney every day!! ;)
With that many people I always say go for a room with 2 bathrooms so I would pick Lion King Suite at AOA. Plus this gives a little privacy than all in One room and one bathroom. :)


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Of those choices, definitely the suite for the 2 bathrooms, more space and the little bit of privacy. For about the same price you could also get two standard rooms at Pop if you want another option.

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