Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

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This reminds of out with the old and in with the new. When they do bring back more entertainment of any kind, do they have to bring back the same people and give the same salary/benefits as of when they left?

If you have never been to WDW you would not miss entertainment or fireworks.
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That stinks. I love that show and the people working it aren't easily replaceable since not everyone can think on the fly like they have to. Yeah, a lot of the show is scripted, but the off the cuff crowd work takes a skill that can't be learned in a training manual.
It takes experience to be able to interact with guests in a meaningful way. They aren’t going to be able to easily replace a lot of this. Sure, they can fill the spot. But it’s gonna take a while before the interaction is fluid.


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Other layoffs include Finding Nemo The Musical & Festival of the Lion King Cast & Crew at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Monster's Inc Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom. Still waiting on confirmation on Indy at Hollywood Studios.

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