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24 Hour Events or Long Lost Friends Weekend....ever again?


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I haven't been to WDW in about 5 years now, mostly due to personal reasons, but also, I feel that the parks have lost the ability to draw me in with something special. I have a trip coming up in November, its been planned for about 2 years now to hopefully celebrate the 50th anniversary, and ride all the new rides, but alas, Covid has taken away some of the fun of the new attractions being finished.

The 24 Hour Events and the Long Lost Friends Weekend were some of the best days I've had at Disney. It has been many years since those events so it got me wondering, will they ever happen again? Would it be a good way in 2022 for Disney to offset some of their 2020 Covid losses? And does anyone else that doesn't live in Florida feel like it takes something new or exciting to draw you back to the parks?

Either way, hope your all having a magical day!


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We certainly enjoy coming back to new attractions and different experiences. I would love to take part in a 24 hour event if it happened to line up with a trip. But we still are able to find enough things to do on our trips to get enjoyment. We try to go every couple of years. Our last 2019 planned stay was knocked out by COVID and we are back now enjoying enough to fill our days. We are planning another return in 2022 or 2023.

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