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2023 Official Photography Contest Weekly Topics and Rules


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2023 Official Contest Calendar
updated 11/19/2022​
Hello and welcome to this year’s photo contests!

Here is the calendar for 2023:

1/1-1/6 Poster’s Choice Post your favorite Disney photo
1/7-1/13 Your Favorite Character Post your favorite photo of your favorite character
1/14-1/20 Resorts Any photo taken at a Disney hotel including the Cruise Line
1/21-1/27 Disney Mountains Photos must include any of the Disney mountains

1/28-2/3 Architecture Enter your photo featuring the architectural elements of Disney
2/4-2/10 Park Icons Photos must be focused on a Disney Park icon
2/11-2/17 Red Disney photos that feature the color red
2/18-2/24 Potent Potables Photos of alcoholic beverages at a Disney Park or Resort

2/25-3/3 Flower & Garden Enter your photo of the plant life of the Disney Parks and Resorts
3/4-3/10 Oops We have all taken that photo or two that just didn’t turn out as we had intended. Show us how yours turned out.
3/11-3/17 Green Disney photos that feature the color green
3/18-3/24 Fire Any photo featuring fire at a Park or Resort
3/25-3/31 World Showcase Any photo taken in World Showcase

4/1-4/7 Gone But Not Forgotten Photos of something at a Disney Park or Resort that is no longer there
4/8-4/14 Pixar Anything that includes something Pixar-related is acceptable
4/15-4/21 Rainy Days Enter your photo of a rainy day at a Disney Park or Resort
4/22-4/28 Yellow Disney photos that feature the color yellow

4/29-5/5 Star Wars Enter your Star Wars photo
5/6-5/12 Villains Photos of any or all of the Disney Villains
5/13-5/19 The Magic Kingdom Any photo taken in or of a Magic Kingdom
5/20-5/26 Live Entertainment (non character) Post a photo of any live Disney entertainer

5/27-6/2 Water Any photo where water is the theme taken in a Park or Resort
6/3-6/9 Words Photos of wording at a park or resort
6/10-6/16 Critters Photos of live animals at a Disney Park or Resort
6/17-6/23 Sweet Treats Photos of treats at a Disney Park or Resort
6/24-6/30 Where Am I? Post your photo taken in a Disney Park or Resort that will require some thought as to where it is

7/1-7/7 Fireworks Photos of fireworks at a Disney Park or Resort
7/8-7/14 Blue Disney photos that feature the color blue
7/15-7/21 Food & Drink Photos can be of any food and/or drink anywhere on property
7/22-7/28 Non-Park/Resort Anything Disney related that wasn’t taken within a Disney Park or Resort

7/29-8/4 Selfies Photos from a Disney Park or Resort taken selfie style
8/5-8/11 Fantasyland Photos taken in of of any Fantasyland
8/12-8/18 Disney’s Hollywood Studios Any photo taken in or of Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park
8/19-8/25 Princes and Princesses Any photo with a theme of Princes and/or Princesses

8/26-9/1 Marvel Photos that feature something Marvel
9/2-9/8 Downtown Disney-Disney Springs Post a photo taken anywhere in the Downtown Disney/Disney Springs area
9/9-9/15 Postcard Post a photo you think looks like a postcard
9/16-9/22 All the Editing Enter your Disney photo that you have edited as you wish
9/23-9/29 Animal Kingdom Photos taken in or of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

9/30-10/6 Looking Up Any Disney photo you had to look up to take
10/7-10/13 The Little Things This contest focuses on the little Disney details that are easily missed
10/14-10/20 Celebrations Disney-related photos of something being celebrated
10/21-10/27 Haunted Mansions Enter your photo where one of the Haunted Mansions (or Phantom Manor) is the focus


10/28-11/3 Halloween Any Halloween photo at a Park or Resort or even at home with a Disney subject
11/4-11/10 Nighttime Photos must be taken at night of anything Disney
11/11-11/17 Epcot Any photo taken in or of Epcot
11/18-11/24 Crowds Photos of crowds at a Disney Park or Resort
11/25-12/1 Disney Transportation Photos of transportation at a Disney Park or Resort

12/2-12/8 Cast Member Appreciation Photos should be of cast members doing what they do best, making magic
12/9-12/15 Lights Any photo of light at Disney is acceptable
12/16-12/31 Holidays Photos must be related to the Holidays but can be taken in or outside of Disney property

Official Contest Rules
The rules will be similar to previous years.

Contests will run from Saturday-Friday 11:59pm PACIFIC TIME, submissions after this time will not be included. An individual thread will be created for each contest.

One submission per member, per contest. Once you post your picture, you cannot replace it. You cannot re-use the same entry in multiple contests even if used in a different year. Obviously I cannot remember every picture posted in a contest so try your best to remember if you have entered a picture.

Pictures can be taken with any type of camera (film or digital)

Pictures can not be altered in any way, except to adjust size, crop, or add your own personal watermark. This is a photography contest, not a photo-editing contest.

Please resize pictures to be no larger than 1024x768 OR 768X1024

You may attach the photo to your post or upload it to your own personal site and link the photo. If you use your own site, you are responsible to ensure the photo is viewable at all times (and not subject to bandwidth limitations).

Pictures can be taken at any time for any contest. For example, if you visited in April of 2002, you can use those pictures for any contest that interests you.

Pictures must be taken by the member submitting the entry, and not by a family member or by a cast member (meaning you physically have to take the entry. CM’s are of course allowed to enter their own photos) except for the one contest where it is allowed.

Voting will begin shortly after the contest end time.
If 10 or less people participated, 1 poll will be posted, and it will be open for 6 days.
If more than 10 entries exist, the entries will be divided into similar-sized groups, and will be listed in the order that they were submitted.

No breaking of park rules or common etiquette to take your pictures. (No accessing restricted areas, no flash photography on attractions which do not allow it...stuff like that)

The overall subject of the contest is "Disney". Although some contests are specific to areas of Walt Disney World, anything "Disney related" can be taken for other contests, including, but not limited to, other Disney parks. For contests like the "Fantasyland photo contest", any Disney park's Fantasyland would be accepted. Some contests allow photos not taken on Disney property and this is noted in the topic description.

If there are any changes to these rules those changes will be posted in this thread as well as at the beginning of each week’s contest after the change takes effect.

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