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2023 Imagineering Forum Logo Competition

Please vote for a logo:

  • @Disney Dad 3000's logo

    Votes: 17 47.2%
  • @MickeyWaffleCo's logo

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • @MickeyMouse10's Lilo & Stitch Logo

    Votes: 15 41.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Welcome one and all to the
2023 Imagineering Forum Logo Competition

As is tradition, the Imagineering forum holds an annual logo competition to choose a logo to represent the forum for the next year, and this year marks the 8th iteration of this long standing tradition. All are welcome to submit a logo, with only one requirement: the logo must contain the words "WDWMagic", "Imagineering", and "2023"! Feel free to design multiple logos as well!

Submissions are due by December 16th, 2021!
Everyone can vote for the 2023 Imagineering forum logo afterwards!

Here are past selected logos that have won their respective years:


Draw those pencils imagineers as the 2023 logo competition has officially commenced!


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View attachment 680824

Resubmitting from last year if that’s allowed @tcool123 as honestly this was my personal favorite of my two submissions. If not I can make somethin’ new just let me know. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s ideas flood in!
I have no qualms with past logos that didnt get voted in being reentered. You’re all good in my book :)

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