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2020 Wine and Dine now Virtual


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Do not know if this is a one time COVID19 specific thing or a future trend but turning live events into virtual events is occurring regularly, everywhere. Reading the Disney announcement it appears only the already registered runners have the option to run it virtual or not. OK, I suggest opening up and allowing anyone that would be interested in doing the Wine and Dine races virtual to register. At least it would be a partial salvaging of the event, there are many run Disney enthusiasts that would enjoy doing it virtual but (for many reasons) could not make the live event.


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While it would be nice, I can't see them letting other people sign up to run it virtually. They have kept these strange artificial caps on races that were purely virtual. Alot of virtual races let anyone sign up, and then they make medals and such accordingly to meet demand. But for some reason, runDisney seems to do it the opposite way. Produce a set amount of medals, and then cap registration accordingly. Sure, this makes sense when they were trying to do things like tie it into the challenge race for Star Wars, no point in letting more people sign up virtually than could complete it in person. But the other events are just a head scratcher. Especially when runDisnye doesn't exactly have alot of money coming in now.

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