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2020 trip - November 18 vs Sept 25


Sith Lord
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Sorry for maybe beating a dead horse but I wanted some opinions on my two choices.
Option 1 (already booked) September 25th through October 3rd (both Fri the 25th and Saturday the 3rd are full travel days).

Option 2 Starting on November 18th and ending anywhere on or after Thanksgiving (the yellow highlight as its variable). That is the end date has not been determined

Reasons for changing:
One of my daughters does not fare too well in the excessive heat, her body just shuts down, and the vacation and I think she might struggle in the late September weather of central FLA.

School, I could be wrong but I think it may be less disruptive (or easier to catch back up) with the November time frame. They'll miss 1/2 of the the November 15th week and half of the 22nd week. The latter is right before the thanksgiving holiday and so no serious learning will occur. September may not be too bad, since they're just ramping up. My kids are entering the 9th grade in 2020 and so we'll need to consider that.

Possibly better crowds during the first half of the vacation, but possible being a lot worse the week of Thanksgiving - or at least ramping up to turkey day.

Meal plan?

Reasons for NOT changing
Halloween theming and I know everyone is looking forward to that.

The last time we were in WDW in novembr is was cold (that arctic vortex thing) I don't think it will be that frigid but it certainly will not be hot.
My daughter should be somewhat accustomed to the heat as we gotten through summer here in the northeast but FLA heat and high humidity is the wild card.
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