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News 2019 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival


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As darth vader would say” impressive Have seen berlin, and terri nunn has a very good voice..
The Easter egg hunt prize is typically a plastic egg with a Disney character design. If I recall, the bumblebee scavenger hunt prize was a pack of iron on patches.

Right, I know what they have been in the past as we collect them every year but last year's Festival of the Arts was a VERY cool Figment pin and this year was a paper coloring book. I wanted to see if we knew when this year's prize would be announced.


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Saw a sneak peek of the AP magnet(s) and other stuff on a FB ad, so it made me search for what merch is coming out. There's a sneak peek video on youtube. As a Figment lover who usually buys his stuff from the fesitvals, I'm both heart broken & a lil happy that I only saw 1 [regular] item in the sneak peek video that had figment, and then the patches from the map. Heart broken because nothing to add to the collection (and a lil weary in the back of my mind that it "means" something) but happy it can save my wallet some. Guess we'll see when stuff really goes on sale, but I'll have to wait and see what's in the shop parks app anyway (and we all know how good it's been lately :rolleyes: ) and/or when the fam goes late April.


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Passholder offerings here

Includes a Pluto and Daisy Magnet and Pluto and Daisy Duck cookies. Also the usual 10% off dining packages and 20% off passholder merch.

Could care less about the cookie but I'm going in late April and would prefer Pluto over Daisy. No such luck for me.
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It all looks so great! Can't wait to go in May. Orange Bird cups will probably be gone by then, but souvenir cups like that, you use them that day in the park then never again.

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