News 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays


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I think that’s a mistake not having a tag, especially with a brand new ride at DHS. I foresee a sizable migration of guests after seeing Candlelight choose to go to DHS to ride of ROTR at the end of the day.


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4th and NYE, but it looks like the NYE tag is staying, but why not keep the Holiday tag.
Didn't Disney say last year that it was the final holiday tag? They did not say the same about NYE or 4th, but with the changes being made around World Showcase and the lagoon, I wouldn't be surprised if they just did a simple count down into EF.

Harmonious might be up and running for the next 4th, so they may do something then.


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Chita Rivera pulled out due to health issues. Now Warwick Davis is not coming. I'm sure there are some back ups standing by.

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