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2019 Candlelight Processional: Narrator Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)


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Tonight is the Candlelight Processional at Disneyland, a tradition that Walt Disney started in 1958 to thank the local business community for their support of Disneyland throughout the year. Each year hundreds of local choirs process across the entire park before filing in front of the Main Street Station to form a living Christmas tree, a fancy orchestra takes center stage, and a celebrity narrator tells the traditional Biblical story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. Add in the usual Disneyland sparkle and magic and it's a very special night.

This year's narrator is Lin-Manual Miranda, an actor made famous by the wildly successful Broadway musical "Hamilton". We can discuss the weekend's shows and spectacle here in this thread! But in the meantime a few historical photos of Disneyland's Candlelight Procession through the decades...

From Life Magazine circa 1959


By the 1970's it had become a high spot on the Orange County social calendar...


In recent years it's become an event highlighting the latest A List celebrity from Disney's stable of hot movies. 2018's narrator was Chris Pratt.


You know the Christmas season has begun when Disneyland hosts the Candlelight Processional!



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Both Chapek and Baxter have been spotted in the park.

Curious if rain will be an issue?

Funny how Mr. Chapek hightailed it out of Orlando on the Gulfstream 600 to get back for the social event in SoCal. God knows there's not a major new E Ticket having a rough opening weekend out there that deserves his focus. :rolleyes:

No rain tonight. We had light showers this afternoon in central OC, but I'm sitting here now in the den enjoying a digestif and watching the Believe fireworks do a sparkling display over Disneyland. That tells you that both Candlelight processions and performances went off without a hitch and didn't delay the fireworks.


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Here is hoping Sunday's will go off without a hitch, especially the 7:45 PM performance.

I know someone with tickets....

I am currently in the Knott' parking lot. Been here since the National Anthem at 9:30 am (Pearl Harbor Day, flags were at half staff) for a holiday party. Plan to be at the DLR at 8 AM to take full advantage of our invitation, and staying until World of Color ends.

Monday AM is a day at Kaiser. Lisa gets a Cat Scan in the morning, I get to spend time with a Nurse Practitioner discussing diet and medications, and the joy of Protein Drinks and taking multiple vitamin pills for breakfast.

At least I won't get stuck in an airport traffic jam....


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At the park. Assigned to the Green Section. The Government Relations host stepped out to introduce herself. And got a Millennium Falcon tree ornament as a gift.

So now to enjoy the day before getting in line at least a hour early for the performance.

And a Councilmember will meet with us during the day to sign a document and plan for an extended one on one discussion about the stadium, a homeless shelter and other stuff..

Have a great day everyone


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That tells you that both Candlelight processions and performances went off without a hitch and didn't delay the fireworks.
True, however it started to sprinkle briefly during the actual procession of the latter show. A delay of a few minutes was called to tend to some weather related complications with the orchestra, though I didn't have a good view of that. Poor Bill Rogers was tongue tied introducing Lin Manuel-Miranda, and again during the outro.

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