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2018-Gaming discussion


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Yes the majority of systems are sold at a loss. But if their plan is to go as powerful as they can, at a price that is "appealing" to fans, they will need to go way below cost. In my opinion it seems they know they can't come in above xbox next gen. With game pass, a better network, a refocus on 1st party, a huge jump on backwards compatibility, xcloud... Microsoft has a real advantage going into next gen and Sony knows It. This announcement just Screams Killzone to me.
Ahh, sorry about that, I honestly was thinking in just terms of Hardware. I believe both systems will be equal in the Hardware game, but when you start looking at Services I believe you are Right. The Microsoft team has the advantages, but I do think they need to be careful. I'm really hoping Microsoft doesn't backdown on 1st Parties after the Economic Failure Crack Down is. I have faith, but Microsoft has also cancel a most of my most look forward titles over the years. (Going back before the Xbox Even).

The next gen battle will be interesting to watch, honestly though I'll probably just keep doing what I do and keep updating my PC and getting all the consoles (Except that Stadia BS), but I know I'm the exception.

Switch is sold at a profit I think. The first and only time Nintendo ever sold at a loss was with the 3DS and Wii U.
This is the truth, but is the except usually.. Also these numbers don't go into development cost.

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