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2018-Gaming discussion

Mike S

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I’d describe it more like the Event Mode with a large focus on the spirits (which are like the Stickers from Brawl with an RPG leveling system and Tamagotchi-like elements). Most of the fights are with spirits, that recreate an element of that character (Bomberman being a Link who favors down specials, Snorlax being King K Rools who will just stand there in a stamina battle, etc.). The spirit will join you after you have defeated it, which you can equip to help it help you in battle. Certain Spirits can also affect the world you travel (Kapp’n lending you his boat, etc.). There are no side scrolling sections in World of Light (at least what I’ve seen so far),
Thanks. I’m still on the fence with this game. What I want most is a strong single player.


Father, the sleeper has awakened !
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I have been playing X4 Foundations, love the X series of games.


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Forgot to mention this, but within the last month I beat Soul Melter and Soul Melter EX in Kirby Star Allies.

Though, I did it with a team, don't think I will ever attempt it solo.
This is awesome for a fan game
Yea that's very cool. My number one most wanted game is another Knights of the old republic. But my next most wanted is a real jurassic park game. None of these park builders but a go to the island open world adventure/survival game. To explore the original island as an open world and be able to go in all the buildings would be amazing.
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