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News 2018 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays


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Another night and still the same lackluster holiday tag. The holiday tag in its current form is a complete embarrassment.
We were there Sunday and were completed disappointed with the PoE "Finale". Honestly, there really wasn't one. Just a handful of shells going up during the last 15 seconds. Completely unacceptable. We were really embarrassed too, as we brought some first-timers with us and we were totally hyping up the finale prior to the show.


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If it were about cutting costs it would be every night
It is also my understanding that any time shells are not launched, Disney has to log that information. I can't imagine they choose to forgo all that product on purpose; who wants to stay after the show and note every single shell that didn't fire?
Is this technical difficulties or just cost cutting on fireworks some nights?
I think its more to due with the fact, the infrastructure of ROE is almost 20 years old and literally in shambles


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Maybe it's the Chinese trying to put pressure on Disney for some Shanghai concessions...
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