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2017-Gaming discussion


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PS Now IS their emulator lol. That's where most of their PS3 games are. If you're asking to modify your system so it can do that, Id recommend not to do that, lol.


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Ah, ok.
Nah, not interested in modding and probably destroying a $450 system. :greedy:

Mike S

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Thx again for the info.
Call me old school but I prefer to own the game even if it's digital form.
I'm quickly finding out that owning a PS4 and trying to play older games is just not going to happen without a continuous flow of money every month.
I just would like to play games like The Force Unleashed on my PS4. Doesn't look like Sony is going to let me unless I chain my bank account to theirs.
Does Xbox provide emulators to allow backward compatibility?
I’m in the same boat as you concerning old games but on my Switch instead. Nintendo’s being way too silent about the paid online service launching in September that will include free classic games with some even having added online multiplayer. One thing we do know at least is that it’ll only be $20 a year.

Mike S

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I have a few guesses as to why there’s no Switch confirmation when this game clearly isn’t a timed exclusive like Crash was.

1. Nintendo’s holding off to announce it themselves in a Direct like they did last year with DOOM and Wolfenstein 2. Those games could’ve easily been announced by Bethesda at E3.

2. Toys for Bob are the developers bringing Crash to the Switch and they’re also the ones making Spyro. Maybe it’s simply a case of resources. This could also explain the lack of a PC announcement which Crash is also confirmed for.


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Finished Sonic Forces and I'm going to say that it's a game that gets undeserved hate. It's pretty short but it's a blast to play.