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2017 Disney Legends Announced, and some questions...


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It was announced recently at the upcoming D23 expo, Disney is going to honor these individuals as Disney Legends...

Carrie Fisher, Clyde Geronimi, Manuel Gonzalez, Mark Hamill, Wayne Jackson, Stan Lee, Garry Marshall, Julie Taymor, Oprah Winfrey

Firstly, based off of what I know of these individuals, I don't have a problem with them receiving the honors, but I do have some questions, just because of my own limitations in knowledge about them all.

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are obviously there due to Star Wars, which they are obviously very deserving of. However, with Han Solo playing such an important role in the last movie, and being one of the most beloved figures of the original trilogy, I'm a bit stumped why Harrison Ford isn't on the list. Especially since Disney now owns Indiana Jones,which he may be the single most important person involved in that franchise. James Earl Jones has also been the voice of Mufasa and Darth Vader. He's been the voice of two of the most famous fathers in film history, both Disney.

I am very aware of all the good, and great charitable things as well as breaking through social barriers that Oprah Winfrey has smashed through over the course of her legendary career. Whether it be through her iconic TV show, or her magazine, or her film performances, she's become a huge force in business, and entertainment and inspiration to a lot of people. I'm just not aware of all that much she's done in relation to Disney. She is a great, outstanding person, I just wasn't aware of any key connections with the company.

Stan Lee is obviously important. I think a problem people have with him is often he is seen as "Mr. Marvel" and it's true, if there were one person that had to be that title, it'd likely be Lee. The problem though is that Marvel Comics had a lot of incredibly talented and hard working people (Ditko and Kirby to name two) that affected the industry, just like DC Comics did. Unlike DC Comics though, who don't have a "Mr. DC Comics," for better or worse Lee has gotten the attention as Mr Marvel. The original name of Marvel Comics was Timely Comics, and it existed before Stan Lee ever got there. Stan Lee's first Marvel work was Captain America #3. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created Captain America, and Jack Kirby was the artist for much of the legendary titles that would come out of the 1960s when Marvel renamed the company, after witnessing DC's reemergence with the Justice League. Stan Lee obviously deserves the honor as he was writer for many of the iconic series that came out in the 60s, and was massively important to the history of comics and pop culture in general, but I do hope others get attention as well, though I'm not sure how many spots Disney is going to devote to Marvel Comics in their Legends class. Stan Lee does deserve some credit, as he was instrumental in getting artists and inkers and colorists names put into comic books so that they could get the attention they deserve, but to a lot of people who aren't familiar with comic book history, they see Lee and they think he created everything. Fans often ask him at conventions to draw Spider-Man, yet Lee is the writer (and editor, and several other positions at Marvel)) , others made the iconic images seen splashed on the covers of the comics encouraging people to buy the comic and give the stories a chance. I'm happy Lee got the honor, as he is deserving, I just hope others get attention as well, and I would have preferred Kirby be inducted with Lee, just to show there were others, as though Lee's resume is impressive, there are others that are quite successful and historic.