2 Bugs and a feature request


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Hi, I have noticed a new bug with the WDWMAGIC app since upgrading my iPhone to 13.4. When attempting to react to a post, if I touch the like button it will bring up all of the react options instead of instantly liking. Holding down the button now selects the text AND brings up the react options.

The second issue may be on my end, but I thought I would mention it anyways. I subscribe to the front page RSS feed and none of the articles have shown up in my feed since this one, which appeared twice- runDisney cancels the 2020 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend planned for April 16 at Walt Disney World.

I tried another RSS reader to see if it was the app I use and the other app had the same problem.

Finally, I was wondering if Dynamic Dark Mode is something being considered. Example being when Dark Mode is enabled/disabled on Mac/iPhone the website will automatically switch as well.

Thank you
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