Pre-Trip 2 Broke Guys - on a boat! 😃 (Dog stays home. 😔)

Been debating when to post this. Some of you are already aware of our upcoming trip. (First cruise ever!) What came in the mail today inspired me to get started on this pre-TR:


My very first passport.

Note there is only one. Currently we are joking that I’m going alone because Brian’s got rejected. 😆🤔 I’m sure his will arrive Monday. 🤔

When: September 5 to 9, 2022. Translation:

Who are going: Tony & Brian

Who is left out: Kylie, our nearly 14 year old German Shepherd Chow-Chow rescue.

Although she’s having a bath on the back patio right now, the pic of her is from a recent drive to the Florida Keys. We pretty much bring her on all trips now, including WDW. As she has aged, she doesn’t take being left alone as well, even with a trusted sitter. Even for one night.

So although we are very concerned about her, we’re trying to arrange multiple people visiting the house more often than just the sitter would, and offering the sitter extra money for more quality time. (Guilt money, for sure.)

And that will likely be the biggest out of pocket expense for this trip (except maybe the passports) because, true to form, we are doing this 4 night Bahamas cruise out of Miami (including all drinks, fancy meals, liquor tastings and souvenirs) entirely on Chase Disney Visa Rewards Points. 😀👊🏻👏🏻
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My best friend and I did a four nighter out Miami for my birthday back in '18 on the Magic, you're going to have an absolutely fantastic time!! And your first cruise, too?? Even better!! It's one of the best vacations you can take!! I'm sailing away to Alaska next week on a 7 nighther on the Quantum of the Seas next week (though sadly without my hubby, darn immigration mess!!).

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The occasion:

Our 15 year wedding anniversary.

Let’s see, almost 15 years married, Kylie is almost 14…yep, the math checks out. 😂

Disney has played a huge part in marking our milestones over the years - from our first trip together while dating, to a hefty number of our anniversary celebrations.

One of the best ever was year 4 at the Flying Fish (Café) with wine pairings, which was really the beginning of our appreciation for dining experiences. (The pairings were gifted by a good friend, and we are still friends with our sommelier from that evening.)

God, I miss that potato-wrapped snapper.

Another was year 10 at Victoria & Albert’s on the eve of a pretty big hurricane that kept us in Orlando for a few extra days. That trip was also all on Chase Disney Visa points.


How to top that?

How about our first Disney cruise? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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Looking forward to it!! I've never been on a cruise either. My fear of water prolly has something to do with it... but it's been on a list for a loooong time.
I have the same fear of water, which is odd considering I grew up and live 40 minutes from the beach. I feel totally safer on a giant cruise ship than, say, a rinky **** pontoon boat or canoe. The first time I cruised as a 12 year old was a bit rough initially. But once you get onboard and having fun, it all fades away.

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Looking forward to it!! I've never been on a cruise either. My fear of water prolly has something to do with it... but it's been on a list for a loooong time.
It’s been on ours as well…I forget how long ago I put the little blurb on my page here about planning our first cruise. The covid pause and then resumption left us perfectly timed for this particular celebration!

We’re also considering it kind of a test/gateway. If all goes well (seasickness, etc.) I could see us planning a longer trip to the Mediterranean for sure.

**All the welcomes to all the peoples!!** Thanks for reading.

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The ship: Disney Dream.
The stateroom: um…no freaking clue.

We have a stateroom guarantee for a “navigator’s verandah” room. They’ll assign us whatever is left as we get closer to departure, from what I understand. It will have a verandah with a partially obstructed view. (Hey, that kind of view worked well for us at Animal Kingdom Lodge, right?)

Anyway, this is how it works when you get a FL resident deal. I’m sure we will appreciate whatever it is!

Considering the reason for the trip, and since I’m apparently Mr. Pointsbags, I’ve already reserved these for the room (and B has no idea.)


Wait, what? “Non-alcoholic?” What does that even mean? Is that English?


That’s better.

I figured it’s slightly unromantic to pay for an anniversary trip on points, so I needed to bolster the romance factor…by using…more…points. 😏

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