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Hey guys! I was wondering, how do you get the birthday or 1st time pins? I'll be doing the CP in the fall, and my best friend's family are all going to come down....and it will be their first time!! It would be a cool surprise if I got those for them. Thanks!!

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All of the special occasion buttons are available on request at Guest Relations at each park.


You really should do this. We just got back and I got birthday pins for my friend (the character breakfast we had was my birthday present for her) and my mom. They were told happy birthday by everyone!!!

When I'm down for the college program in the fall my bf will be coming down and i'm going to get him a first time button for the first day and the second day will be his birthday!


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Definitely. I have done the birthday buttons the past 2 years, and will be doing it again this year (having lunch at CRT in 27 days!!). I can't wait.
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