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16 Days of Free Dining Trip Report, Big Toe Nails Included!

If you are offended by sarcasm, vulgar comments, and people dressed in thongs, speedos, or sweaters when its 90 degrees then please stop here. Oh if you hate people with long toe nails...stop reading as well. I am not going to post my food pictures in this thread. I am going to create a TR for our meals because its just too much! I have WAY too many pictures of food and stuff and I'd rather post park pictures here and get everyone all hot and bothered with food **** in another thread of it's own. Actually the real reason is that you can only do 10 pics per post. For those wanting to read the food report the link is here http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=635197 Enjoy!

Day Number 1

Well this day started out LONG before it ever began. I woke up the previous day at 9:30am. I had a hockey game at 10:50pm that same night. Once I got home from hockey I was all wound up and COULD NOT sleep at all. Normally after I play I have a hard time sleeping...add in the fact we leave for the airport now in a few hours and I am pretty much screwed. Colleen could not sleep either. She slept like an hour an a half. That is it.

So our flight is at 9:15am on Monday (Labor Day) So we left for the airport at like 6:30am. Our airport is like 25 mins from our house and it is weird but Pittsburgh International Airport is 25 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, yeah it is not even IN Pittsburgh. Oh well. We left super early because we had NO idea what to expect at the airport being that it was Monday. Well we were the ONLY car on the road. It was very weird. We get to the airport and it was the same thing. We walked right to baggage check in, then we walked right through TSA no waits or anything. Ironically a lot of our trip was going to be like this but more on that later. We now have a bit of a while to kill at the airport.

Me I like to people watch, and wonder if I will see someone I know on my flight or anything goofy like that. Well it is time to board and I do not know anyone. We had a great flight. No bumps, or anything. Here are some pictures from the flight...



So we land get off the plane and with no mistakes, wrong turns or anything we get straight to the Magical Express!



Oh yeah and we can't forget the awesome people checking in for their flight in their PJ's...


Yeah, pretty classy. Anyways...it is time to head to Walt F'ing Disney World.

We get to the entrance or so we thought was the entrance to Pop Century!


I say we thought it was the entrance because even though it is, it seems like you have another 33 miles to drive once you turn in here. After getting through online check in very easily with no wait it was off to our room in the 90's building!


We finally got to the room. First floor room about 50 yards from the pool...

So we get settled in and relax for a while, gather up everything we need and a whole 5 minutes later we are out the door and on our way to Epcot for lunch at Season's Grill. We both had the salmon and mashed potatoes. I had the strawberry shortcake, and she had the chocolate mousse cake. Although still pretty good for a CS meal Sunshine was a let down. They changed EVERYTHING. The salmon, the potatoes, the pork-jus sauce...Aside from going back for dessert this was the only time we ate here, and we planned on eating here a bunch. Oh well let's go get on the Monorail and head to MK shall we?

We get to the TTC and decide to catch the boat over. We never did it before and thought it would be fun. It was cool...got some sweet pictures on the way over...



First thing we did was head over to Space Mountain. We had a 5 minute wait. After space we went over to Buzz and shot some targets! We then went and got Fast Passes for Peter Pan, then went on The Haunted Mansion. Outside of The Mansion was our friend Nick. We met Nick last September through Tom and Sarah. That is probably the only good thing that came out of meeting Tom, so I guess thanks? Anyways we rode Pirates, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. After BTM it was time for California Grill. First time eating here for both of us so we were pretty excited. It was a beatiful day out as you could see from the ealier pictures so we hoped we would get a nice window seat. We did.


There it is. In the time it took to get off of the Monorail and get up to our table 10 mins? It poured...and did not stop. Oh well. On to our dinner...I had the Filet, and Colleen had the Sushi Platter. We both had Chocolate Creme...The meal was good but it is NOT worth the price, or 2 dining credits at all. Our server was great. I am not mad or upset we went there...but we will probably not go back again.

After we ate Colleen had a headache and I was BEAT. We both decided we should just go back and get sleep and go full stride tomorrow. When we got back to Pop I decided I'd go get us some drinks and when I got to the cafe they were doing the "Mom's Night Out Dinners" I got the fried chicken dinner. It was pretty bad. My cornbread tasted like fish and Colleen agreed. She did not want to eat at all being we JUST ate but this was the only chance I'd get at this meal so I got it anyway. She agreed to the fishy taste of it. Oh well. F a duck like I always say...

After that I walked to the nearest trash can and pitched it all and we went to sleep.


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Day Number 2

We go to the bus stop and it was pretty freaking hot today. So hot that Colleen wanted to go to get her haircut somewhere. Funny she came to that conclusion in the 8 minutes it took to walk from out room to the bus stop. Here she is in her stage of hotness...


Star Tours R.I.P. I really was not sure what to expect here being that it was the last day for Star Tours. Well...we arrive and no wait at all. That also means no fast passes. I really wanted to get a fast pass for this and hang onto it forever as a souvenir. Oh well. Here are some pictures from the final ride...




After that we stolled around DHS for a little bit. Everything was walk on so it was VERY easy to get through that park in like 3-4 hours. Well TSM had stupid wait times as always but when you put such a popular ride that attracts kids as well in a park with "nothing" to do...it will ALWAYS been a long wait for that.

Anyways we had dinner at Le Celier so it was off to Epcot. We hopped on the Ferry and rode it to Epcot where Nick was waiting for us at The International Gateway. We wanted to share a small lunch so we went to Yakitori House in Japan. Colleen and I split an order of California Rolls. Wow they were REALLY freaking good. She said they were better than any piece of sushi she had at Cali Grill. All she does is eat Sushi, I really only eat Cali Rolls but they were better than the one she gave me from Cali Grill. By far.

After we ate we eye shopped in all of The World Showcase stores and took our time just browsing around.



After that we hit up Captain EO. First time seeing it for me, and Coleen both. I liked it. It was a little odd but still pretty cool. We then went to check in at Le Celier. They could not take us that early so we went and saw Oh Canada then returned and they took us. Colleen and I both had the Filet while Nick had the NY Strip. For dessert it was the chocolate moose for me, chocolate whiskey cake for Colleen and Nick. Our server was awesome. She brought out a big bowl of the cheddar cheese soup for us to dip our bread in it. Although I hate yellow cheese that went a long way with us because she did not have to do that and NOBODY else ever has, or did that before. Oh and she knew we were on the dining plan.

After Le Celier we decided to get to MK for Wishes since we missed it the first night due to sickness and exhaustion. We walked to The Boardwalk and got in Nicks car and off to MK! We first stopped and got Dole Whips. Colleen and I got a Orange Swirl soft serve. VERY good. After Aloha Isle we went on Splash. No wait. Walked over to BTM expecting the same thing but for some reason t was packed. We decided to go to HM and ride that, then go to Main Street for Wishes.


After Wishes was over we walked back to Pirates to take some photos while the crowds cleared out...




After that we went back to the buses and went back to Pop. We changed, and swam and caught football. Once that was over it was around 2am so we went to bed.


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Day Number 3

We got up after a late night of swimming and catching football around 9:30am. We got out of bed around 10:15 and were out the door by 10:45. We really don't mess around much. Just get up and go! Anyway we have breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at 11:30. We go to MK and get on the monorail to The Grand Floridian. I love it there. Especially when the band plays on the second floor. Breakfast was ok. The strawberry soup (The main reason I went here) was AMAZING. No questions...just AMAZING. After we left Colleen got her picture taken for free instead of paying $31.99 for it...


Back on the monorail to MK to meet up with Colleens work friend. We hung out for a bit with them. We took them to Pirates for the first time and they all loved it. After Pirates we rode Splash. Jen stayed at the bottom though. Her husband, and 2 girls rode with us though. Here a little Hidden Mickey for you...


After Splash we decided we would go on HM and then split up. They went back to Adventureland and Colleen and I went back to Pop to swim. We did this because we had to change because we had Narccoossee's later that evening and it was very hot. After we swam we walked the shoreline of the lake at Pop. Came back to the room and got our showers then headed to the bus stop. We got in the line for the Epcot bus because the MK bus line was full and there were 4 ECV's (Electronic Cheating Vehicles) waiting. I took a picture of Colleen and it ended up really nice. At least I think so. Here it is...


We got on the Epcot bus and got on the monorail, and went to the TTC monorail to catch another monorail to Narccoossee's. Doing all of that we arrived at the TTC at the same time as some of the people in line at our resort for the MK bus. Anyways time for the meal I was most exited to try. We get seated and first things first. I asked the server if they had the Strawberry Shortcake in season still and she said yes why? Then I tell her for 2 years I have been coming and its always out of season. She then says don't worry we have it. Colleen and I both got the surf and turf and wow...it was really amazing. Everything we had there was. Now time for dessert!!! I look at Colleen and say if the strawberry shortcake is as good as it looks I will order another and just pay for it. No sooner did I say that the waitress sets Colleens strawberry shortcake down in front of her and places mine down...However she gave me 2 of them!!! She said I felt so bad that you could never have it I got you two of them! Yes she knew we were on the dining plan as well. An awesome rainbow appeared before we left so I went out and snapped some pictures of it...



We got on the boat and headed to MK. I picked up out Halloween Party Tickets and we decided to hit up Fantasy Land. We went on Philhar, Snow White, then Winnie The Pooh. It was time for Wishes so we headed to Main Street. No Tink tonight though. Don't know why?




We then got to the bus depot and went back to Pop, swam, football, sleep.


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Day Number 4

Today we are heading to Epcot first. It is HOT today. VERY Hot. Anyways we need some emergency AC so we get on Spaceship Earth. Not that we needed a reason for that ride it is a fav but it was the first "cool" spot along the way. We love it. Its such a great ride. The sights, smells...its a good relaxing ride. The final part could use some work but whatever we still love it. We were on a mission after SSE. Eat. Our ADR was at Tutto for 1:30pm but we got there around 12 and were seated. The manager stopped me and talked to me about my last name then we were off to our table. I got up to go to the restroom to splash some water on my face. On the way back I hear a voice say "John"? I turn around to see a nice young lady and her friend sitting down and it was WishIWasAtWDW. We talked really quick, met her friend and then we all handled our business (eat our food). Haha anyways it was nice meeting you and your friend! We ate our food and walked around World Showcase and made our way to Soarin. It was DEAD in Epcot today...


Picture from Italy...


After Soarin we headed to DHS. First stop Muppet Vision 3D. WOW the video is CRAZY cleaned up. It looks like a Blu Ray almost. It is like watching a new film now. VERY good job. We were both impressed at how good the cleaned up video was. After Muppets I heard Jedi Training started and wanted to get some pictures of Vader...



I'm sorry but there were really some dumb kids doing this. They were well old enough to understand simple instructions and they all stood up there barely able to hold their lightsabers. I'm almost certain none of them had any clue what Star Wars was. Oh well. After that was done we went to see Beauty and The Beast. Good show. First time either of us saw it. We wanted to go on The Great Movie Ride after B&TB but the wait was nuts. We then got a bus to The Contemporary and then the monorail to MK. Colleen went to Casey's and I walked to Pecos Bills and she met me there. On my way there I took what is probably my favorite and best picture I have even taken. The sky was a CRAZY color and I am a complete idiot for not stopping and taking more pictures but I was hungry and she didnt have her phone for me to call and say I'll be a little late. So here is the picture...


After Pecos we rode BTMR, we then rode Splash 3 times without getting off and all during Wishes. After our night on Splash we went to Space Mountain 5 minute wait. We went on Buzz, and after that we took some pictures and went back to Pop...






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Day Number 5

Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyphooooooooooooooon Lagoooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!


Ohhhhh we love it here SO much!

Bring on the waves!!!


Waiting in line for Crush N Gusher we saw this woman whom we thought was Tom standing in front of us...Oh yeah you gotta LOVE dudes tramp stamp in front of her...Good choice bro.


That has to be the most complete opposite of a happy trail that I have ever seen. Why nobody would even tell her she has 8 pounds of hair leading to her butt is beyond either Colleen and myself. Here are a few more happier pictures...



On our way out after having such a glorious day this was our last sight/memory from our day at TL...


Well now that our day was ruined (j/k) we are heading back to Pop to shower and change because we have an ADR at Coral Reef. We get to Epcot check in at CR and ask for a window seat and they give it to us!


After we ate we headed to Japan to watch Illuminations...




After Illuminations we strolled around WS a bit then went back to Pop. I tried the Ty Dyed Cheesecake and for as picky as I am with cheese it was okay. I could only handle half of it. Then we went swimming, threw the ball around the pool, then went to bed.


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Day Number 6

Starting out at Animal Kingdom today. Dreading the heat that place produces, but has some of my fav rides/attractions. We hit up Everest First and there was only a 5 minute wait!



After that we went and ate at Restaurantasaurus. I had the shrimp po boy and it was really good. Colleen had it as well. After we ate we went on Dinosaur...


Then we went in Bugs Life. We both decided it was way to hot again so we went back to Pop to swim again! After we swam it was off to Epcot for Le Celier again. We both got Filet again and The Moose. It was amazing like always. After dinner we went over to Test Track and got FP's. We then headed to Universe Of Energy. Our FP time was ready after so we went over and when we got in line they shut the ride down because of a storm in the area. We left and went to Italy to watch Illuminations.



We headed back to Pop I got a huge strawberry sundae first though. Then we were off to swim and take a few pictures...



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Day Number 7

Today my friend DJ and his girlfriend Christine are arriving. So we are gonna get up and go to Pop Cafe to eat and hang out till they arrive. They arrive and get checked in. They gave them a room 2 doors down from us. Pretty cool. Now we are off to MK because they wanna see the 3:00pm parade. We had some time so we took them on Pirates for the first time, then we went to Caseys and they shared a hot dog being it was 2:45pm and they had not eaten since the previous night. Now it was time for the parade.



Now we are off to Epcot. We have an ADR for us 4 at Teppan Edo. First we stop at Club Cool. Naturally we all convince DJ Beverly is the best. Here is what he thought...


Teppan edo was consistently good as always. We were all a little upset they didn't have ice cream for dessert because nobody really liked anything they had to offer otherwise. I got the green tea pudding and it was surprisingly very good. Colleen and DJ likes theirs too and Christine thought her Ginger Cake was just as weird as I told her it was.

After TE we went over to ride Soarin and we walked right on. Only wait was to watch the video. I have NEVER had that happen before. So that was pretty freaking awesome. After Soarin we rode The Land. We then got on the monorail to go back to MK so we could watch Wishes.


We got to MK and went to Space Mountain. 5 minute wait. After Space we went over to Main Street to grab a spot for Wishes. Well a mini hurricane came through. It was CRAZY. I think of all the rain and lighting bolts coming down all around us that the most peculiar thing was all of the empty wheel chairs, ECV rentals, and strollers left abandoned all up and down Main Street. I mean, where did those people go? How did they get there? Clearly they needed help getting around the park. How did they get where they went without the assistance of their line jumping machines? I dont know...that was just odd to me. After about a 2 hour delay they started Wishes. MK was open till midnight so that is why we stayed. No Tink, and no shooting star fireworks for whatever reason they did not shoot those off. Pretty lame. After Wishes we hit Thunder Mountain, then Haunted Mansion. After HM we went and ate at Pecos Bills. It was not after midnight and we had to roll. So we went back to the resort and slept...

Day Number 8

Another Typhoon Lagoon day!!!!

Colleen and some dude had on the same bikini...except he did not have the top. Too bad it was not the other way around eh?


Here is a few pics from the rest of the day...



After TL we went back to shower and head to DHS to our 50's Prime Time ADR. Fried Chicken was great as always! After that I rode RnRC for the first time. I liked it. That take off is something else man! Crazy feeling. From there we went on Tower of Terror. I left the camera at the room for DHS so no pics!


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Day Number 9

Today we went to Blizzard Beach. Blizzard Beach is great, but it is a lot of work going there and climbing up all those steps all day. No pictures from BB just some videos...


After BB we all went back to Pop so we can shower. We have an ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern before Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party!


We went to the Confectionary and I took like a million and three pictures of EVERYTHING. I stepped out while they stayed in and took some pics of the CM's getting ready for the party...




After that we went to Tomorrow Land to ride Buzz. We then went to eat our dinner at Liberty Tree. After that we rode Splash Mountain, and BTMR. IT was after 7 now and we wanted to go find the Halloween Party Shirts. We got them and went out to Main Street to watch the parade..



We stayed for Hallowishes as well...After that we went our own ways and after the night ended I stayed at HM and tried to do my best Tom impressions...




At this point I actually called him to ________ and moan that I could not get the settings right and all that junk. Oh well. What can you do. Again buddy thanks for the help...

After this we all ended up meeting unintentionally on Main Street and headed back to Pop to swim, and then sleep!


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Day Number 10

Colleen and I were off to Typhoon Lagoon and our bus first stops at Downtown Disney. We were tired of eating Burgers for CS meals so we got off the bus and went to Earl Of A Sandwich. She got the Turkey Club, and so did I. Very good. A lot of bread over turkey but it was still pretty good. After Earl we walked back to the bus stop and headed to Typhoon Lagoon. No TL pics from this day but some GREAT videos!!!


After another great day at TL we had to head back and get all clean for our ADR at Tonys Town Square. Tony's has the 3rd best steak I have eaten at WDW. The dessert was lame...VERY lame from things I like, our waitress seemed to have no idea about anything at all...but the steak was amazing. Colleen had Seafood Diavoli and that was very good as well. Tony's catches a bad rap but we both loved it. Our waitress was a good server she just had no clue she could sub sides for sides, or change from Coke to Iced Tea.


After Tony's we rode Buzz. then went to Space and WALKED RIGHT ONTO THE RIDE. No wait the "ship" was actually sitting there for us when we walked in. That was GREAT! After that Nick was outside waiting and he had gotten us some FP's for Space and went right back on.


From space we all went to Mrs Potts Cupboard and I got a Strawberry Shortcake. Nick got chocolate sundae, and Colleen got a coke float. After that it was on to HM...


Then Splash. After Splash we went to Main Street to watch Wishes. When Wishes was over we walked over to The Contemporary to catch a bus to DTD. Plans were to go to Planet Hollywood but the wait was 2 hours so we went to Wolfgang Pucks instead. Nick got Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Colleen and I shared a Turkey Sandwich. We all got the Creme and it was outstanding. We decided to just go back to the resort after that. Well of course after we shopped at the Christmas Store though!!! On the way to the bus stop we saw Tom and Sarah...



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Day Number 11

Animal Kingdom to start the day. We headed straight for the Safari. No wait. We walked right on...



After that we went to Pizzafari and we both got the italian sandwich. They were pretty good. After that we saw The Lion King. We have not seen it before. Colleen LOVED it I thought it was okay. Really didn't have much to do with the movie and that is what I was expecting. Not acrobats doing gymnastics to the soundtrack...Still pretty good though...


After Lion King we went over to Everest with about a 10 minute wait. Most of the wait was walking through the queue area and taking pictures of everything though...


Lastly in Animal Kingdom we went to see Its Tough To Be A Bug. It was pretty hot and the mist spray was working so I decided to stop there for a bit...


For a while we were the ONLY ones in the waiting area. I just snapped pics of all the "movie" posters. After that we hopped a bus to DHS. On that bus I seen a dude with the most fowl toe nail I have EVER seen in my life. I have no idea how homeboy wears socks without tearing them...


Pretty gross right? Anyways we have a ADR at Sci Fi with my brother and his fiancee. All I will say is I defended Sci Fi for a long time and this junk was AWFUL this time. Someone posted a pic of the ribs and said some were good and some where not. I had that SAME experience with mine. A few were good and the rest were awful. After Sci Fi we hopped on The Great Movie Ride...




I then got a slush, went to see Muppets, back on GMR. Now we had plans to see Fantasmic after GMR but the line was about 10 feet wide and went from the entrance to the stadium ALL the way to Pluto's Palace. That is insane. We said F this, and chalked that day up as a loss at DHS and went back to the rest where I would meet up with my BEST friends 2 brothers Idris and Quise who live in Orlando.


Quise, me, Idris, and my brother Brian.

We ate at the Pop Cafe and hung out for a while and just talked about when we all lived in Pittsburgh. They left around 12:30am and the rest of us went swimming and caught football.


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Day Number 12

We have Lunch at Le Celier today. Gonna try those burgers...So we get up and hit the bus stop. On the way Colleen was fake running back to the room because she had forgot something.


Pretty sweet form right? Anyways the burgers were ok. I think the BBQ Sauce they put on it over powers the burger. Had I told them to hold that off like I wanted too I think the burger would have been insanely great. Colleen agreed as well. We did both come to the conclusion just get the filet and dont screw around with anything else. Here is Colleen after her Moose was all gone...


From there we headed to DHS. Since it was a complete disaster the night before we went to see if we could do Rock N Roller Coaster and ToT. Well RNRC had a 20 minute wait. ToT had 5. So we grabbed some FP's for RNRC and rode ToT. Not only did we ride it we walked right into the video room, right onto an elevator, off the ride, into the video room, right onto an elevator, off the ride, right into the video room, right onto an elevator. Yeah 3 times the ride was walk on with no wait...F'n AWESOME!!!



After ToT we hit up RNRC for our fast passes. We then went to see Muppets, and GMR. After that we headed back to Epcot, met up with Nick again and headed to Via Napoli. I had some strawberry drink they make there and it was really good. Thick but good. All of our pizzas were amazing. I will say this...make sure you ask them for extra cheese on your pizza. They barely put any on...but it was still amazing. We all agreed on that. We went to Japan so I can get my new fav candy in the world...


For anyone who has ever had or remember the candy Bonkers...its basically the same thing but softer and more chewy. Walking through the Japan store I stumbled on a headache relief device they sell there. All I have to say is this...Really Japan and Disney? Really? This is what you're going to sell in your gift shop and say its to rub on your temple? What good would that do for either party involved?


Now our plan is to get to The Land Pavilion and ride Soarin during Illuminations. We had to ride The Land first then Soarin was walk on. That is always fun when you get to just walk right onto Soarin. After Sorin we stopped at Seasons Grill and I got 4 slices of Strawberry Shortcake to go and here is Colleen not enjoying it at all back at Pop Cafe...


After we ate our cake we went to swim, throw football and then sleep!


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Day Number 13

Today we are starting things off in MK. We go to Pirates first. It is always such a relief of cold air going in there! We then went to see Hall Of Presidents. LOVE this show.


Now the next pictures were taken for the people who say the move the crane away during the day so it is not visible...



Man you barely notice it...

Anyways we went to Caseys and got hot dogs and corn dog nuggets. From there it was Space Mountain, TTA, Stitchs Great Escape, CoP, and Buzz were I got my first 999,999 without being stuck.

No we are off to Epcot for Biergarten. We sat next to 2 awesome people from Cleveland of all places. The food was very average here and I will not go back. It was cool to try but I can make that stuff myself. Here is Colleen checking in though...


We then rode Test Track and walked around for a bit...






Before heading back to Pop we rode SSE...here is one shot of it!



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Day 14

We started out by swimming first today cause it was pretty hot outside. After that we headed to MK. We took some pictures in teh front of the Train Station with sun in face...can you tell???


After that we got a FP for Space because it was a 20 minute wait. Yeah we were THAT spoiled this trip. We rode PotC 2 times and headed back to ride Space. After Space we ended up on Main Street hitting photopass people. Here is a REALLY good one...


After that we headed to Chef Mickey's. The food was suspect this time. Everything but the cornbread. Ive always liked everything here. This time it seemed like cornbread was all I could stand. Well back to MK and we see this lady...its not even a Halloween Party night either...


Following her we saw this lady, and yeah it was 98 degrees...


I just cant get it how people dress like that when the sun is out and literally LEANING on everyones backs. Oh well. We then hit Buzz, then to The Haunted Mansion.



After that we hit Main Street to watch Wishes. Still no shooting stars but Tink was out tonight. After Wishes we got Dole Whips, rode Splash Mountain, got FP's for Buzz, went on Space, then back to Buzz (Yeah Buzz had a 30 min wait to Space Mountains 5). We then headed to Philhar Magic, then Pirates, and on Jungle Cruise. Jungle Cruise was walk on with a 15 minute wait. What we were waiting for I have no freaking clue? After JC we ate at Caseys, and saw some kid sitting on the bleachers. Not really sure what he was doing...but looking normal was not one of them...


We ate and then headed back to Pop for our nightly routines.


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Day 15

Well our last full day. We headed to the bus stop and what are we greeted with???


I traded ADR's with my brother so we could go to Le Celier for lunch and go to MK for the rest of the day/night. When we arrived at Le Celier we sat down and who comes up asking if I am blackthidot? Korfar? I was cornered into a wall seat so I really couldnt get up and chat but we shook hands said hello and he re joined his nice looking family. After we ate we then decided to walk WS then head to MK. So I texted Steve (Tater) and said I am on the way out if we wanna meet now is the time. We met up with them right past Norway. He was with his wife and 2 friends. We chatted for around 5-10 mins then we split and headed for MK. Took a few pics before we left though...




Colleen and our friends Carrie and her son Brent stopped at The Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street and got Coke Floats. After that Brent and I got Cokes while they went and got FP's for Space. MK was packed today and Im guessing because it was MSEP night? No idea but whatever...We rode PotC then back to Space tp use our FP's, went in Laugh Floor, then Buzz. After Buzz we ate at Columbia Harbor House. From there we rode HM, PotC, headed back to Frontierland to watch MSEP cause it was PACKED on Main Street. After MSEP we went to Main Street to watch Wishes. From that point Nick drove us back to Pop and we said our goodbyes. Colleen and I swam and caught football with my brother then went to bed.

Day Number 16

Ahhhh the end...What a horrible feeling waking up on departure day is...Well we got up packed all our stuff and went to baggage and airline check in. I had already checked in on Southwests app on my iphone so we only needed to check our luggage and have our boarding passes printed. Once we did that we headed BACK to MK for some last few hours magic. MK was dead...thankfully. We walked right on Space, rode Buzz twice, went on HM, BTMR, PotC, met Carrie and Brent at Casey's. We ate then we were on our way to Pop for The Not So Much Magical Express. The rest is history...






We landed safely and soundly in Pittsburgh and got all our luggage and headed home...


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Final Thoughts and the lost pictures not posted to come soon...

Well now that we are home and have had time to reflect back on some things I gotta do this first.

I want to say thank you to Kelly (Sweetpea_1993) She sent us a nice "care package" filled with goodies, and some other essentials! That was VERY nice of you to send that stuff.

Tom (wdwfigment) THANK YOU for answering my emails, and phone call about the camera. We are always sarcastic here and fudge on each other everything but I want to send a serious appreciation and thanks for all of your help!

Now enough gushy stuff onto the conclusion of my trip...

This trip was GREAT. Very great. Hot, but it was easy to take. The wait times for rides were non existent. I have NEVER experienced WDW like this before. As you may have read we walked onto to Space, ToT, and just about every other ride/attraction with ZERO to minimal wait.

If I read anymore about ANYONE crying about the dining plan, and how the service level goes down because you're on the dining plan...I will seriously pay someone in your area to go to your house and give you an upper deck. I am so over reading the BS that gets posted about this. The food quality may have gone down, and variety as well but the service is top notch. We have SEVENTEEN table service meals and ONE of them we had bad service. It was at Sci-Fi and we just could not understand our server. Every other employee in that place seemed to be running around like a maniac expect ours. It's one thing if you don't like the plan...but I am pretty sure that those of you who continually get "bad service" that it is probably in your head, or your own fault. I've been using free dining since Sept of 2006 and this trip at Sci-Fi was the first bad waiter/waitress we had. Even the lady at Tony's who had no clue what state she was in was VERY pleasant, and did a good job. So read this carefully...I'm not saying you HAVE to like, love, or enjoy the dining plan...it is NOT for everyone. What I am saying is that if you get bad service repeatedly while on the dining plan that it is probably something YOU are doing.

Pop Century Resort...

I read about this resort, looked at pictures, asked about the place, and went over all the reviews I could find. Nothing was ever bad. We aint going back. It was just too big, too crowded, and the layout was very odd. It was cool having our own buses but it in no way would be a deal breaker in staying here again. The bus drivers took all kinds of crazy different routes to DHS, Epcot, and DTD. We wanted to go to Typhoon Lagoon the one day and it took us 50 minutes. A day later it took 20 minutes. Going to Epcot was hit or miss as well. If we left our resort and at the light made a right we would be there in under 10 mins. When we left and made a left...20-25 minutes. I have NO idea what the heck the drivers were doing but it was very annoying and inconsistent. As far the "entrance" to Pop. We pull up and see it and everyone on the bus cheers, and claps to finally be back...but you have like another 5 minutes from there. I thought I was crazy to let that bother me but when we heard other people rambling about it on a daily basis we knew we weren't crazy. The cafe was nice, and offered a lot of choices. When it is open. When you come back after 10:30 or 11:00pm all that you can get is a burger or a dog so at this point there is no difference in this cafe or the All Star cafes. The pool were not heated either so swimming at night when we got back was not as enjoyable as it normally was. Bottom line, we love Sports, and honestly we should have stayed there again.


What a mess. That is the best way to describe it. I NEVER had issues of high crowds during EMH but this was just crazy. Crowds at least tripled during EMH. At first we said we are just spoiled for these low wait times we have been getting. But here is an example. At MK Splash, Space, and BTMR all easily had 5 mins to wait consistently. During EMH they were all about 35 -50 minutes. Even Haunted Mansion had a 25 minute wait. Next trip I'll be sure to approach EMH with caution or at least a back up plan.

Fantasmic nights.

Anyone notice we did not see Fantasmic? That is because the park was a freaking ZOO during these VERY FEW nights. It was a good move by WDW to cut the number of shows to draw more crowds when there IS shows, but that park with almost nothing to do in it as it is, with Star Tours closed, One Man's Dream closed, and TSM with a consistent 60 minute wait or higher...the park just can't handle that. Wait times for GMR were over 40 minutes. Muppet's had lines out to where the Osbourne Lights are displayed. We were scared to even look at what ToT or RnRC wait times were. Disney had a pretty good plan to get people into that park...they just had no plan on what to do when they got there. Like I said in my TR above the line was from the entrance to the stadium about 10 feet wide and ALL the way to Pluto's Palace. C'mon now...

ECV or as I said above Electric Cheating Vehicles. Before I rant about this I am aware that a good deal of people, even some reading this NEED these to get around. I have no issue with that. This whole situation is being abused beyond belief though. Like I said the night in MK we had the monsoon strollers, ECV's. and wheelchairs were left abandoned EVERYWHERE. Like I said...where did those people go? Was it like ToT and they got hit with lightning and just vanished? Didn't people rent those because they NEEDED them? How did they get to where they went without them? The way they handle them on the buses is a freaking joke as well. They stroll up 8 family members deep and they all get on the bus while you've been standing there waiting. I'm sorry but that is massively insane. You get 1 person to accompany you. The rest wait with everyone else. That is how it should be. This family one night had 1 ECV and 7 members in the party. They all loaded on the bus and all sat across and 2 seats from each other. So not only did they get to skip a line that was waiting 10 minutes for a bus they basically took up double the seats they needed too by not all sitting together. At the resort 2 people going to Typhoon Lagoon of all places with ECV's pulled onto the bus and the guy while still on his places his feet on the bus floor and lifts and walks his ECV into its place to be strapped in. *** is that about??? Anyways like I said I am aware that people do need them and I have complete sympathy for you and your family with that. The people that took up all the seats on that bus had a legit person who needed an ECV, they did not need all 8 of them on the bus together though. That is abuse of the system. I guess the only way to control it is...Not DR Excuse...no ECV.

Cast Members

They were all great. From the people at our resort to the parks. Everyone was GREAT as always. They all talked to us, initiated conversation, joined in on them, answered all questions as well. That is one of the first things Christine said when they got to Disney. "Omg all these people are so happy and seem to love what they do". She is right. They make it so much more enjoyable. Knowing that you are going to stay somewhere and spent a good amount of money to do so and have people genuinely happy to be there is priceless. Whatever Disney is doing in this regard is perfect.


It was very disturbing to see how lazy and inconsiderate guests were/are with trash. There were numerous times we would see maps folded up and dropped RIGHT NEXT TO TRASH CANS. Bottles, napkins, and anything else was the same story. 9 times out of 10 there was a trash can within 5 feet of the trash. Guests staying at the resort would eat food from the cafe then set it outside their window on the ground uncovered. Again take your lazy a$$ to the trash cans ALL over the place and throw it away. We would pick it up and place it right in front of the door of the guests, knock on the door and walk away. The best was during MSEP outside Pecos Bills a woman walks up to where we are standing with a tray full of half eaten food and trash and places it ON TOP of the trash can. Nick grabbed it and threw it away and I said to her "I guess you don't throw things in the garbage where you are from". Now I know she heard me, she clearly ignored me, and kept walking but I practically yelled it right into her face.


Just stupid. Stupid self centered people all over the place. I really believe that guests think its just them alone in the parks and everyone else is a Peppers Ghost if you will? The way they act, things they do, and the way they have no regard for anyone around them leaves me floored every trip. I don't care if that is how you do things where you are from. You are here now. I could NEVER go somewhere were English was not the 1st language and carry on and SCREAM at the top of my lungs the whole time I was there. These people were acting like they learned their language and how to talk in a helicopter. It's all a game. The only time nobody speaks English is when they are breaking rules, or getting "in trouble" for doing something stupid. COUNTLESS times we witnessed this.

Overall despite things that were out of my control that bothered me the trip was really great. I got 16 days with the love of my life, and good friends in the place that I love. We did a TON of stuff everyday that people dream of doing. I am really thankful for that. That said here are a few more pics to end my report...











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