15 years ago in Disneyland History... Well, kinda, sort-a


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15 years ago on the first Al Lutz's Sunday Noon Meet at the Hub in February, I decided to ask someone to Lunch at Rainforest Café after the meet, by my birthday a couple of weeks later, we became a serious couple, and I never looked back.

11 years ago (springtime), I announced our engagement at the Noon Meet at the Hub, that moved in front of the Castle for a photo op.

9 years ago on January 9th, I married the love of my life at Knott's Berry Farm's Church of Reflections.

2 years ago yesterday, I died, well my body completely shutdown, every organ decided to take a break, and if it wasn't for the Anaheim FD Paramedics getting me to the hospital when they did, I wouldn't be posting this message. I ended up in a coma for a few weeks, followed by stays in the Hospital, and then a nursing home. I had to learn to do a lot of things all over again, including how to walk. Every day I get a bit better, and I will never stop trying to improve.

Last night, we had dinner at the Rainforest Café at Ontario Mills to celebrate. We walked twice around the indoor mall, and I did walk, with help of an UpWalker.

I have been blessed to have Lisa Marie Klawe (nee Specht) by my side for 15 years, and hopefully for many more decades to follow.

I have seen her make positive changes since I left the Nursing Home. She has quit smoking, and using a Fitbit gone from a size 18 to a size 4 and reached her goal weight.. She says seeing me striving to get better each day helped motivate her, and I am so happy to see it, and very proud to call her my wife.

We now are moving forward in leadership roles as I have accepted an offer to become a member of the S.O.A.R. Advisory Committee (Support Our Anaheim Resort Area). And Lisa has agreed to become the politician's spouse, something that probably is the harder role than mine.

Thanks for reading this. I needed to publicly state my deepest gratitude and love for my best friend and partner, who has enriched my life so much (and has driven me crazy at times), but I am so fortunate to have the best Disneyland Souvenir EVER!


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Congratulations Darkbeer1, since I began participating in the online Disneyland community around the turn of the century, I've looked forward to your updates in their various forms and for you to join Soar is as ideal a fit as there ever was. All the best to you and Lisa as you two begin this exciting new chapter!


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Thanks for your frequent and insightful contributions to the forum!

I knew your Disneyland history went back a few years, but was pleasantly surprised and excited to see your name watermarked on a few photographs found in archived Al Lutz posts from the mid 2000's. It seems like so many from that golden age of online Disneyland fandom have moved on, it's nice to have someone who's both knowledgeable and credible still providing updates.


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I should add how honored I was when asked to join the Advisory Committee, basically a group of folks who are true community leaders, and then to find out that my nomination was supported by so many of them, and other leaders around town. Heck, even Chef Bruno Serato placed his name on the nomination, someone I met for the first time when his name was placed on the Walk of Stars.


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... archived Al Lutz posts from the mid 2000's......from that golden age of online Disneyland fandom....
I've been part of the fandom since the Al Lutz days (mostly quietly reading - I don't post that often). Al's time doesn't seem that long ago and I never thought I'd be part of a "golden age" of anything. So, yeah, thanks for making me feel old with that one. haha... :D :p

And, of course, Congrats on the new position, Darkbeer!


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I've been part of the fandom since the Al Lutz days (mostly quietly reading - I don't post that often). Al's time doesn't seem that long ago and I never thought I'd be part of a "golden age" of anything. So, yeah, thanks for making me feel old with that one. haha... :D:p
Come on, we are talking about turn of the century History.... If that doesn't make you feel old, well. The DCA history goes back to the early 1990's when Port Disney was competing with WestCOT…. 20 years....
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Congrats Darkbeer1!
I’m an on-again/off-again forum follower and was unaware of your health close call.
Congrats to both of you for your achievements individually and as a couple!
It sounds like you are poised to enjoy those many more decades together enjoying your passions!


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Congratulations! You seem tailor made for the job.
Well, had a nice long lunch this afternoon at Mimi's Café with S.O.A.R.'s Executive Director, basically the get to know each other meeting.

Seems like she agrees with you. But based on what I know, the group that nominated me included Josh D'Amato, and probably why he came over at the KaBOOM! build to meet me. I was told it was a long list, and while I can pick some of them out easily, basically the politicians, but I also now I had the Chamber of Commerce support, so nice to know I had even more supporters than I expected.

I now have to play nice with all Disneyland related boards, basically all that get DLR press access. And I get to go to many Ribbon Cuttings, hopefully many will be restaurants.....

And yes, I will probably being going to Galaxy Edge before the public gets to go, even before the press/VIP events. And alas, all I will be able to say is that it is Wonderful, and everyone should go check it out after it opens. (even if it sucks). But then, if it really is good, I can say it multiple times.

Well, if I had no time to myself, well, it is now official.

Tomorrow night, I get to go to the Four Continents Figure Skating event at the Honda Center and wave for 5 seconds when queued. At least Lisa will have a great time.

And I walked using my UpWalker through Downtown Disney to the Paradise Pier Hotel this afternoon, and didn't stop to rest once. It might have been slow, but heck, I did it!


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Just finished up my exciting night of e-mailing councilmembers and other politicians.

I have to love all the NDA's I have currently, but then told to disclose selected items, and who to tell...

It has been a wild ride the last year or so, as I got back into politics.

Talking with the S.O.A.R. director, she worked on Governor Pete Wilson, who I worked with when he was Mayor of San Diego. She also worked on President's Reagan's campaign, and had regular contact with him, so we had a shared past decades ago.

But it is nice to know I have made a difference, from Anaheim building Homeless Shelters and clearing out my neighborhood park, to getting Permit Parking in my area. And having many of the issues/politicians I worked on becoming victorious.

One thing S.O.A.R. has planned is more of a neighborhood push, to make sure all 6 districts in Anaheim are seeing benefits from the Resort Area and the revenues it creates. And that is one of my missions in my new role.

At Lisa is enjoying some of the perks.

Need sleep, so have a great week everyone.
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