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15 rides currently down (6-15-21)


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Storms, especially with a lot of electricity in them can reach out long distances. Time to arrive overhead is irrelevant, what is important is how far away it is. Lightning doesn't necessarily go straight down. It is perfectly capable of going long distances sideways as well.

Ricky Spanish

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i’ve watched american dad. sounds like something the ricky spanish character would do. not necessarily yourself 😂


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This happened to us 2 years ago - - - - The WDW power grid was struck by lightning and shut down a ton of MK rides.
In this case - - - the 3 other parks were actually closed due to this power surge.
So MK has a surge of people after 5pm......It was insanity.
At close they opened up the cast backstage exits........it was cool to see the backstage of Mainstreet USA.
Crappy though to ruin the mood when exiting.
Hopefully next time will be different.

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