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Pre-Trip 14 days of WDW MAGIC Aug 2018


We have the ULTIMATE (for us) 14 day WDW trip coming up in August. After many changes, additions, subtractions, and ADRs, I THINK we are ready...

Staying at Pop Century for the renovated rooms, dedicated buses, and good price for us (we are park people so paying big $ for the resort is kind of a waste for us)

We also did get FREE DINING ( which cost me $900+ total but we are getting 13 TS + 13 QS each + 52 snacks, and the refill mugs...do the math and you can see that it may not be free, but based on our reservations, it will save me AT LEAST $600 but prob more)

Day 1 ~ Travel ~ Pool ~ Disney Springs for dinner and merch acquisition (Gotta have that Disney bling :)

Also...watching WWE SUMMERSLAM in our room somehow as we are big wrestling fans 👍

Day 2 ~ Epcot
meals: QS lunch + Biergarten dinner

Day 3 ~ MK 1
Early Morning Magic to start off the vacay in style (and not have to worry about that 7dmt FP :rolleyes:)

meals: EMM buffet breakfast and Crystal Palace early dinner

Fireworks Dessert Party ( the new later one)

Day 4 ~ DHS1
meals: HVine lunch + QS dinner

Day 5 ~ MK 2
meals: Cinderella's Castle + Liberty Tavern

Day 6 ~ Typhoon Lagoon
meals: QS lunch + away to Ohana for dinner :cool:

Day 7 ~ EP 2
meals: Akerhaus lunch + QS dinner

Day 8~ MK and AK 1
Early Morning Magic at MK (Yes! our 2nd EMM of the trip...dont hate)

over to AK for the rest of the day

meals: EMM buffet + Tusker House ROL package

River of Lights

Day 9 ~ DHS 2
meals: Sci-Fi lunch + 50's Prime Dinner

Star Wars Dessert party + Fireworks

Day 10 ~ rest + HALLOWEEN PARTY!
No park for today...we only have a 10 day ticket...BUT

Bippidi Boppidi Boutique DS a.m.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at night! (we can go in at 4pm)
meals: QS Pop breakfast, Chef Mickeys 3pm lunch, QS dinner

Day 11 ~ AK 2
meals: Flame & BBQ QS lunch + Boma dinner

excursion to AKL to tour and eat in evening

Day 12 ~ EP 3

meals: Do I really need to tell you that our combined 52 free dining snacks will be put to good use here??

Day 13 ~ DHS, EP, MK
morning DHS FP (Aero and Tower are DD12 fav rides)

aft EP f+w lunch


ANOTHER Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party to FINISH our vacation (W a Be Our Guest special dinner ;)

Day 14 ~ travel
11am flight so not too early


I have 13 + TS reserved for our 13 days of dining but not 13 QS (we are 2 meal a day peeps...early lunch and early dinner)
I plan on using some of the QS credits at EP F=W ( I hear you get 3 snacks for it if bought together)

we do plan to take some aft breaks when needed (short pool and naps)

The first Halloween party will be our real dress up night and the second is just staying out late to say goodbye :)

So ...what do you think??

We have done an 10 day before (last year) and feel ready for the 14 day now.

Not possible to hit EVERY good restaurant, but we hit the ones we wanted

I look forward to your feedback :)
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I think it looks like you will have a blast! Just remember that CRT is a 2 table service credit restaurant, so you would really only be able to do 11 TS meals instead of 12.


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I did forget to mention that… Because we pre-pay for it, I decided just to pay out-of-pocket so I’m not counting it as one of the 12
Ahh I got you! We are excited to try Biergarten on our next trip. It has mixed reviews, but I like to try the different places that we havent eaten at before.


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the only thing from this itinerary that we don't have squared away already is Be Our Guest dinner during our 2nd Halloween party.

Anyone know when reservation open up for those and how can I know exactly when so I am ready?


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So it seems EVERYTHING is in place ( after a few months of constant planning)
Was able to get BOG during our 2nd Halloween party
I have no more planning to do, unless something new comes up on the Disney schedule.
So I have about three weeks to take a break from planning before my fast passes become available :)

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